Monday, June 11, 2007

ahh she purred like a kitten

no, unfortunately, i do not speak of myself here. :))
but , we did get the boat on the lake...finally. hubby gets the master kudos !!!!! that boat ran, and sounded better than i remember it ever sounding. and it was soooo great to just be runnin fast on the water, with the cool breeze blowin in my face, and a little water spray action goin. it was mahvalous !!!
we ran the motor out for a while, then of course we fished. and fished. and fished some more. but... i got skunked. i had a few hits...but none got hooked, or to the boat. for me at least. hubby caught two. one bass and one perch. i didn't take a pic of the bass...i just figured he'd get a better one later...unfortunately he did not. he missed a few too. oh wait... he did get another bass...just as we were leaving, about to load the boat, he tossed a buzz bait out a few times and did get a decent bass. (but by then it was too dark to take a pic) .the perch he caught was cute. i did take a pic of him with it, but i haven't downloaded it yet, and at this point am too exhausted to mess with it, but will get it on here tomorrow.
so anyhow... i guess my luck is still at the creek. i'm sure the more i fish off the boat the better i will do, it's just a different type of fishing out there...and i am on the back, which always makes it tougher. so we shall see what happens next time.
anyhow... aagain, it was sooo great to be on out boat. and even better that hubby fixed it all for probably under a hundred bucks. a boat mechanic... i just have no clue what they would have charged, but it woulda been a LOTTTTTT.
so. that's that. hubby got three...i got none. but... i'll get me one at the creek tomorrow !!! i know there's still a five pounder in there... with my name on it. just watch and see .

ok.... enough about fishin for a minute. i have to have my little sopranos rant now. it sucked ass !!!! and we are canceling HBO !!! we have had and paid for hbo, for all these years...just to watch the freakin sopranos. it sure wasn't for their great selection of fifteen year old movies !!! geesh. who saw it? did anyone watch the big finale? people have invested like 8 years into that show...and they end it with a cable malfunction? 9 out of ten included...thought my cable went out! gawsh. i am soooo mad. they just left it all up to each individual interpretation. i thought... since meadow couldn't park the damn car...the scene that took like five minutes...good lord girl...park somewhere daddy soprano on the cell to come park for you...apparently brilliant meadow...dr/lawyer to be, can't park...or think ! so anyhow... wtf happened? a silent black screen for an ending.???? to a 7 or 8 year long series. i could gag. or choke someone.
anyhow... my ending...meadow was late coming in, so she was "saved'...but walked in to find the rest of her family "whacked " with a mouthfull of onion rings. that's just great. but who shot them...or T? wtf. never again. i will never again get caught up in one of these stupid night time soaps again. especially mob shows. they never have been a favorite... but i somehow get sucked into this one.... only to be dropped on my pissed off ass.
ps...i'm done...but...ya know, i think i just may muster the strength to go get that camera and post hubby with his baby perch! he'll hate me for it. he didn't want to let me take the pic afraid his fishin buddies might see it. but he was a good sport, and let me take the shot... so hold on and i shall go post it.
i shall return.
here i am, i am back... and i bring you.....hubby's fine fine beauty fish!!!

aren't they sweet!