Monday, November 16, 2009

it's monday please feed me

howdy folks-

sorry i haven't been around much over the weekend. it's been a busy one. well , sorta.

hubby went to the school play thursday night, then friday night, my friend and i went. it was really neat. kind of little house on the prairie-ish . the only problem? our seats were behind the two biggest people in the place. there was no where else to move to- so we had no choice but to sit there. - like turkeys - the entire time. do i need to tell you how pissed off i was? or how rude i thought these people were to sit in the front row of a very small 'theater'? or --- how much pain i was in by the time we left?
yeh. i didn't think so.

the last show was last night though, and soulkid was exhausted and very done with the whole thing. she had a sense of pride and accomplishment though. and of course we were some proud soul-parents too. she did really good, and worked really hard. and the night that i went to see the play, i heard some folks talking about the costumes in the hallway at intermission. how neat they were, and realistic for the era being portrayed etc. i made sure to tell soulkid that i heard her compliment -- from someone totally non related to the play - or her. it made her smile.
last night after she got home and changed etc, she was invited over to a good friend of hers house for dinner --- they ate crab legs! what better night for such a meal eh?

she prolly needs a day of-- but it's back to school for her today-
and guess what i get to do? yep-- i get scoped this mornin. oh the joy! i am thrilled that the drinking of that nasty stuff, and runnin to the potty every ten minutes -- for two days -- is OVER. but then again, i'm not real thrilled about what lies ahead in only one hour. i just hope they knock me out quickly. as in very soon after my arrival. and i hope i don't react badly to the anesthesia. i just wanna go in, go to sleep, wake up, come home, go to sleep, wake up--- and have some coffee, and eat some solid real food.
as for the results? still iffy. i don't want this to remain a mystery, or be a waste of time-- but i also don't want it to be serious either. so i don't know what i want to hear from the doctor. i just want it all to be over. this has be a rough weekend. and i feel dead. two days of this kinda torture takes a lot out of a person.
guess i'll check in later or whenever i know what - if anything- the dr. finds out.

y'all have happy mondays out there-