Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Sleep Gods visited me last night

hi folks!
guess what time i woke up? just guess....this is the latest i have slept in literally MONTHS ! i'd prolly still be asleep, but you know the drill...hubby gets scolded and accused of hating me if he doesn't kiss me goodbye..and that always wakes me up...but he left late today...and as a result... i slept IN til 7:20 !!!! it was a pure miracle...and a very much needed one. i have been sooo exhausted thiese passed few days...and that dang migraine didn't go away until...i woke up today! nd it's still trying to hang on. man i hate it when that happens. how can a headache last for two or three days?.a migraine! it's horrible. it would ease up, and come back..linger , come back. ugh. i should be used to it by now after all these years, but i just can't like it! my dinner last night consisted of three tylenol, three xanax, and a cup of coffee. yum. that cannot be good for a person. but you know docs...they tell me don't take asperin, don't take NAISD's...but then they refuse to give me anything stronger/narcotic, or easier on my stomache which i would take less of. so in the meantime...i OD on asperine etc... and get bleeding ulcers, reflux, and stomach pain. i hate doctors. hate them! they only care about themselves...they act like they care about the patient, but all their "advice" only documented to cover their own ass. UGH.

ok... mooovin on. my agenda for today shall be.... to clean my pig sty and catch up on the laundry..all was neglected as i recovered from sleep deprivation and a never ending headache. now this entire place is a shambles.
i also need to go get cigs, gas, and check my PO box. aaaand of course get some groceries...but i aint doing any big shopping today...just milk and ez stuff. the big shopping can wait til the weekend...and i HOPE hubby goes. it makes SUCH a difference when he is there to help with the cart and the loading unloading etc. it really helps with not just the physical part , but i don't seem to get so anxious, angry or of course sore. sooo we shall see.

ok. that's about it for now.
latah peeps
have a good day everybody.