Thursday, August 23, 2007

nope, not a fish, not food, well at least not for US...

ok, picture it, there i am, early in the morning, like 530 a.m. sittin here on the computer k? see it? one light on, so pretty dim in the house. i see my cats, both of them, very interested in "something"... they continually play with it for like a half hour, maybe longer. to me, in the dim light, and with their shadows above "it"... i am thinking, perhaps it's a string. (this "thing" that is perhaps 1" long. or so. maybe 2 inches. so, i am too lazy to get up and investigate... but i keep looking at them, and try to focus my blind eyes on this "thing they are playing with so intently. finally, my curiosity gets the better of me, and i get up off my lard ass, and go see what "it" is. wanna know?? a baby gecko !!! a little tiny pink baby gecko. not only inside my house, who has sadly become a plaything for my cats... but he is also, dead. would my laziness have prevented his most untimely demise, had i got off my arse to investigate earlier? i will never know. but i did give him a decent burial into the trash can, away from any further torture from my evil kitty cats.

i attempted some photos, but there was too much reflection for a good picture. this is the only one that i could somewhat alter enough of the light out of to view. goodbye sweet gecko baby.