Friday, March 7, 2008

i"m gonna be a "somethin" !!!!


go SEE !!!

wooooo hoooooo

yep- this about fits me today

it's not snowin anymore-- but it's freezing ass cold, inside AND out--- my heater is still busted. i just called misses landlord... :)) remember that? (keel my lanlawd) :)) nah i don't wanna keel her-- but i am considering her heater man. ugh.
oh well.. he will be here-- yet again, today-- for the THIRD time.. since we lived here. we only moved in in december. criminey! do SOMETHIN man. it's MORE than FREON!!! even I know that much !!!

ok... anyhow--- it's early-- it's payday --- i'm doin banks and bills... and MUST get on my damn taxes today... and of course my friggin HOUSE. it doesn't look too bad, for the most part-- but of course my kitchen is a mess--- and my child is having A friend over today after school-- for the night-- and "maybe" TWELVE tomorrow--- OMG--- for her birthday. my house is nowhere close to ready for that ...... even if i had it immaculate-- which i don't even expect--- it will be trashed within minutes.

gonna be a busy day. and really i need to get this place at least straightened up before the heater guy comes-- and tells my landlady i'm a pig. :))
which he wouldn't-- cuz luckily it's been clean every other time he's been here. i just don't want half a million kids here... messin up an already messy house.

holy crap--- can i go back to bed, and try again tomorrow?

hope y'all have happy fridays!!!
and bettah weekends to follow