Tuesday, May 29, 2007

aaaarrrrghhhh what a night

well hello, peoples. wussup? here? it's 2 in the morning, and here i sit...drinking coffee, writing on my blog. what kinda crap is that!
i had a helluva day yesterday. i was so worn out. been doing too much for my feeble body and mind lately to keep up , i think. plus, night before last, i was up, til God knows when, trying to make the fishin video. i woke up at like 4 somethin a.m. and my laptop was on my lap...headphones wrapped around my neck... i coulda died!..well probably not really. but i woke up, like that, and i was soooo tired. i attempted to save my video in progress, and shut the cpu down----but i fell back to sleep in the midst of my failed attempt! so, there i am, all tangled up with my laptop about to fall off the bed...the cpu...not me. :)) when i woke up suddenly to see hubby there trying to rescue me! it sort of startled me for a sec, til i realized what was going on, who he was, etc. he finally got me all situated, and i fell back to sleep....but thanks to me, he ended up having to sit up for a while. oops.
so anyhow, we were both soooo tired yesterday. we couldn't stand ourselves...and at times, each other, i think.
but i managed to finish my very depressing video...which i didn't even post on here...too sad. i did email it to a few people though. and it is on my vimeo page. but memorial day, sometimes does weird things to me. so ya, anyhow. after i finished that...finally...in the morning....and got it posted etc. hubby watched it andi think the red light went off for him. so he took me fishing....at the pond. both of us got skunked! neither of us caught one fish...oh wait, he did get one...a perch. big whoop. other than that, the bass just weren't active at all. there was another couple on the other end, catfishing...they were slayin em too. they caught maybe 20 by the time we left. they threw them back....but they were catchin them one after the other. so anyhow, we got worn down real quick. we stayed about an hour and a half, and left.
then we came home and ate, and did some cpu stuff. i had already done laundry, and some dishes before we left.... but was too tired to finish anything at that point. so we just killed a little time, then had to go get daughter from a friends house. like an hour away. ugh. i did not want to go...at all. but i went with huby anyhow. i woulda got lost going by myself...and i didn't want to ask him to go alone...i had already backed out of the trip to the mall the night before. so i didn't wanna do that again to him. maaaan we were tired, and i was glad he drove. i may have fallen asleep! but we got her, and she was a tired little grouch! so anyhow, we got home, and i re-heated her some chicken, and i went to bed. i had a bad headache, and just "plum-give-out! i didn't really plan on a nap...but i ended up falling asleep...after 3 tylenol and a xanax... hoping to rid myself of the headache. well... it was maybe 7 p.m. IF that. i didn;t wake up again til like 1030, when hubby came to bed. and that was just for a second, and i fell asleep again. so about midnight...i woke up again...my head was SPLITTING. my God, it hurt. i had to get up and take a imitrex shot. whoever came up with that shit is a genius!!!! i have some lingering pain, but it's tolerable now. but here i am...drinking coffee, and blogging...at 222...wierd number.... because caffiene helps sometimes with the headaches. but i'm thinkin, my day is ruined. i took another xanax, hoping i would be able to get more sleep...but i don't see that happening anytime soon. soooo... my prediction.... hubby will be up in like 2 or 3 hours to get ready for work...i'll sit with him for a while....run my errands etc....and go back to bed this afternoon....and the final result? tonights sleep will be all screwed up too. crap!
but anyways. that's what's goin on right now. i'm sure i'll have more to say later on.
so, for now... ore`vois (someone tell me how to spell that shit)