Tuesday, July 20, 2010

so much to blab about - so little time -- :((

all i got time for now is this -- which is actually a facebook post - or reply - or whatever - that refused to post due to is length. i haven't had that problem in some time. it's been lettin me blab my head off for weeks. oh well-- i'm runin late for my appointment - so i really gotta go for now -- i'll add more later .

somethin i didn't add in the body of this - cuz we were still workin out the deets -- is this --- i have a lunch 'date' with an old friend of mine from NAVY -A-school from waaaay back in the day --- i'm pretty excited about it. she's one of the few i never forgot about. y'all know i forget a lot. and many of those peeps were drinkin buddies. sure i miss a lot of them.. but half of em, i either remember a first name - or mainly a last name - and some, no name at all. i do remember good times. and of course the times we got in trouble. this girl always felt like a little sister. she was the youngest in our group-- and i always watched out for her. i can't wait to hear about the last 25 years of her life ! we're havin coffee this afternoon. (did i say that)?

so anyhow - here's the rest of my day-- in a - nut-house - umm 'nut-shell' :))

one more damn dr. - in less that an hour. yes i am still in my jammies, waiting as long as i possibly can. it's not even a 'test' - for once. i just don't wanna GO. it's painless, monthly - pee test - fill RX thing with the pain dr. plus we'll go over 'how i feel' fter the procedure' yesterday. all i can say is the numby is wearin off- it doesn't feel 'fat' in the back---and would ya believe -- it HURTS. well, before my magic pills. it's tolerable now. but i am highly disappointed. yet- still optomistic. there's still time for it to do it thing. it could work. look how long, and what hell i went thru with the rhizotomy... it worked for many months - and i didn;t even realize it! gimmee time - i'll try not to cry baby- happy tuesday peoples <3
ok- i am outta heah

smile - grin - or tell someone a dumb joke -- why not- right-