Monday, March 30, 2009

happy hail damage to you-- ugh

we just had a storm blow in out of nowhere--
with no warning
have a look--

i better not have busted car windows tomorrow-

that is hail---
lots of it-

my car bein hammered!

the back yard-
it needed washed down anyhow-
but i don't want my table to break :((

what the hail???

golf ball sized to baseball sized beat us up :((

JLEE---how is it at your place?
hope you're ok!

and the days all roll into one...

here's a few pix from yesterday

we took sushi to see her mommy.
they were both so happy to see each other.

first, we of course had to go eat-
we went to pei wei,
good stuff.

we went to a park...
and let soulkid walk around with sushi.
we were all surprised that sushi wasn't an idiot.
she did real good for not normally being walked-
or out around people and other animals like that.
i think she was just too thrilled to see her mom,
that she didn't notice.

aren't they sweet?

time goes so fast when we have her out on a pass-
it's only three hours, and there's not much
you can do in that time.

so after we took her back, we went to a different park..and
of course had to try our luck at

THAT is a big ole bass-
much bigger than he looks here.
it made soulman happy--obviously--
and of course he was the man of the hour--
everybody stopped what they were doing-
to see his fishy.

as for me...
i didn't even get a bite.
poor me.
i'm next tho.

we were just happy that the weather turned and got pretty nice.
i think it did actually make it to 70-
woo hoo.

as for today?

i'm friggin tired.
that would be as in

i actually slept again last night--roughly, but it was sleep.
i woke up around 3 somethin, did my mornin stuff-
and couldn't stay awake.
i kept trying to post here, but i kept fallin asleep.
finally i quit fightin it , and just took a nap.

then i had a short yahoo chat with a - pal - o - mine.
and fell back to sleep when we were done!
gosh i feel lazy today.

i have group in a while-- and my damn clothes won't dry!
it's not like i have any that fit anymore--
so they are all in the dryer.
oh yippee.
i hope they dry in time.

i have a busy week ahead--
but the one good thing?
ya wanna know?
soulkid comes home on wednesday !!!!!
it's almost strange, but i am very proud of her.
she has worked so hard there .
she has everything all planned out.
she's gonna go back to school.
she knows who she will hang with and who she won't.
and she's already told most of them... the users-- that she is done with them.
she has realized they weren't friends, and she doesn';t need or want them.
i think she's gonna be just fine.
(it's me i worry about LOL)

this year was "supposed" to be a good one..better than last--
so far-- it hasn't been very kind---
but i spose that's subject to change.
we shall see.

anyhow-- i must check my dang clothes again.
i'll be goin to group nekkid if they don't dry--
and that would NOT be a pretty sight.

welp on that note--i am outtah heah---

have happy days in in your worlds today!