Saturday, August 2, 2008

does anybody know what day it is?

i think i made this trip a little too long. i don't know nuthin bout birthin no damn vacation.
soulkid is homesick already-- ya, you'd think that would be a little difficult-- being here with both parents-- but i guess there is more at home for a teenager to miss these days than her parents-- in fact-- this is when they hate their parents. guess i forgot that part in my planning.
she wants her dog-- her cats-- her room- her privacy-- and of course-- her friends. stupid me.

and soulman-- he hasn't been home cept that one night , in like a week or more already-- so of course he wants to be home. he wants to fish, wants to talk to his friends.. and wants to hear how everything went and how everyone is with what happened with his friend in the crash the other day.

as for me??? i miss my dogs.. i already have shin splints from walkin like three or four miles a day-- as compare to maybe 1-- IF that. on days i fish. (only a couple a week ) ugh. just shoot me. i cannot believe how lazy i really am. it's sad actually. the way i have just given up-- or given in-- or whatever-- to my limitations. i need to be more like some other people i know-- and put more fight into this damn fear of making the pain worse-- and look at it like -- it will get worse before better type outlook. cuz even tho i do hurt from all the walking and extra activity-- mentally-- i feel better than i have in MONTHS! i am a little on the crippled side-- kinda lookin like a hobbit or something from Lord of the Rings-- yep "Smeagol!"
but--- it's been sooo good for me. -- all of us.

but, well like i said-- i think it shoulda been a couple days less. we still haven't done or seen a lot tho---
we haven't even been over to the Alamo-- or used our second day pass to Sea world yet. and there is some kind of observation tower right across from the hotel that soulman wants to go up in. ya ride a elevator to the top-- and i guess just look at the city and take pics. i sit on the balcony and watch the elevator go up and down.. it goes quite fast btw-- faster than i thought it would.

yesterday we were sposed to do those things.. well.. except sea world-- but we were gonna do the more mild things-- and laundry , and swim in the hotel pool....
know what we did do??? we slept ... ALOT. we were all three worn OUT. of course i was the worst of all of us. i would sleep three hours, wake for one or two and be out again. hubby slept a few hours and he was fine, then soulkid took a long nap-- but me... i slept like a cat all day-- and didn't even leave the room til 8 o'clock-- to find dinner. and if that didn't mean chain smoking in the car-- vs outside on the balcony-- i may not have even left for that :))

the other two-- at lunch did walk to the river walk, for lunch at the hard rock cafe-- we started to go there on our first night here-- we opened the door--walked in-- and i could NOT handle all the noise in there. it was awful. like walkin into a heavy metal band venue. i am just too old. it made my head pound, and ever nerve in my body wind up like a friggin rubber band. no way would i survive an hour in that place. so i told them that night -- they should go back some other time without me.. i just can't do it. so they did-yesterday. and i stayed here at the room... and chilled-- in the silence-- that i love.

sooo... yep/// lazy lazy day--
we have a lot to do and catch up on today-- but it has to start with finding a laundry mat. which to my dismay-- the hotel doesn't have on site-- i was surprised at that. i have been in cheaper hotels-- and it seems if they have a pool.. they have washing machines.
anyhow-- we still have our wet river clothes in our laundry--and if it doesn't get washed today-- a lot of stuff is gonna be ruined-- not to mention we wont have sea world clothes.

soooo--- on that note-- i reckon i better wake the clan-- cuz if we don't get goin it will be 100 degrees already and no one will wanna go anywhere.
and we can't afford another wasted day-- if that happens again, we might as well just pack up and go home.

someone needs to tell these guys that i can float the river for a few hours by myself while they shop-- i am a big girl. i don't wanna shop-- or walk for three hours :((
what do they think'll happen to me.. i have done much more dangerous things in my life.

ok.. anyhow-- my delicious.. three cups of coffee is gone.. and i am out of coffee filters.
i am also smoking in the bathroom this morning.. cuz i can't see the computer screen outside.
i hope i don't get caught. i smoked in here a while yesterday-- no one noticed the smell. hope they don't today either. :((
i want more coffee dammit.
perhaps i shall wander downstairs and forage me-self a cup??? (or two)

happy satahday!