Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Uuuggghhhh. So frustrated

Yes. I am still frustrated that i can't figure out why my posts won't update, like they should.  Uuuggghhhh.  My whole life is a mess right now, and i just want to write about it... The off chance when i do muster the strength to come in here to do it... It's a miracle that anyone knows.  HI KRISTY. ;))
Someone surely must knows how to get this to work?
Haelp.  I just need to be connected.  It's not that i need to complain.  I just need to know someone is out there.
Cuz i'm in here.
In my computer
Leave me a message...i'll leave you one back. ;))


Jamie said...

You have been on my mind...

i know you're having troubles with your baby, Chew --- I'm praying for both of you. Miss you. xo

SOUL said...

Hiya Jamie.
I miss you too.
Chewie will have hip surgery in june - i don't have a exact date yet.
Let's keep in better touch.. K?
Hugs friend. ;))

Josie Two Shoes said...

Soul Sis, I don't have a clue about the feed issue with your blog. If you want to go to the trouble, you could start a new blog and then leave a link at the top of this one, directing any readers there that you can't notify of the change.

I will check here from now on to see if you've posted. I am delighted that you want to return. Please keep us updated on Chewie and on how you're doing too! HUGS

SOUL said...

I'll do what i can y'all. I've been real busy lately with fundraising, and having been out of town at Texas A Nd M with Chewie etc.
It sure is great to see you guys!

Kristy said...

I have no idea either how to make your blog show up in the feed. I do check your blog when I go to blogger to see. I miss your blog and this is the right place to get it all out.

SOUL said...

Hiya Kristy... So nice to see that y'all find me even tho i'm in the black hole of blogdom.

I really need to write and connect with you all... I am very scatterbrained lately...
Or bodied... Either way, it affects my writing.
So does the fact that so much is and has been going on that just shouldn't be put here- or online. Not so much about me... But just other folks 'privacy' is at stake. If i could just verbally vomit it ALL.. Like i used to. ... Especially, a little at a time, as it happens day to day, like i used to.... Life might not be so 'big' right now.
But.... I am surviving. It isn't easy.... This is by all rights, my number 4 biggest , hardest , struggle in my life.. Maybe five.... But physically, emotionally, and spiritually... Eveything , everyday, is taking every ounce of ME , just to make it through each day.
And NO ... It has a whole lot more to do than just with Chewie. As far as she goes, i am pretty confident that her first surgery in june will be paid for, and as long as i can nurse her well.. She will be fine. I won't need any money for her second surgery until they do it. And much time could pass before then.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for any who have or will donate... You literally saved her life!

Josie Two Shoes said...

Just start posting a little bit each day here Soul Sis. It doesn't matter which issue you talk about, anything vented is breathing space gained!

Chewie needs two surgeries? Tell us more about that. I just found out about it. I know there is a fundraiser, which is awesome. Add the link here too! :-)

SOUL said...

josie - you are always so right ---

check your facebook message

hopefully me starting a new blog -- will be helpful (For lack of a better word)

love you !