Monday, June 15, 2009

well, she isn't dead -- yet- :))

mornin folks--

angie is a ball of thunder-- i am the weak streak of lightening that follows. (i know that's backwards-- but it's the only comparison i could come up with right now.) and i couldn't think of the poetic term i wanted to either. i just can't think at all right now. i don't know if i'll ever recover from yesterday. we busted our asses , and even recruited soulman. i'm surprised any of us are on our feet today. well , except angie. she's in pretty good shape i must say. i'm rather jealous actually.
i cannot believe how much work we got done in that garage ... angie and i moved, sifted , sorted , condensed, etc... and hubby made storage runs-- put the garage stuff we didn't need here in storage-- and then brought the boat here---it actually fit in the garage-- unfortunatly-- my car does not... but that's alright. i feel so much better about everything we got done , and got rid of. we put furniture and stuff on the curb..for free pick up-- and we had a pile of stuff for a goodwill run... many people stopped, and most of all of it was picked up. phew. i haven't been out yet this morning-- but i have a good feelin that all of it is gone now.
which leaves us with one one dump run, for the trash that we didn't have time to haul off yesterday. woo hoo!

ok here's the pix-- all except the one with the boat in it.. cuz i was just too damn tired to do one more thing last night... and right now , angie and i are just about to head out to to the pond-- wish her luck-- i don't even care if i catch any-- i just hope she gets a good one-- or two.

ok .. here ya go--

(ready for the finished product?)
da, da , da!!!

ok.. we are outta heah----- be back latah-- hope fully with fish pix....
latah tatahs--


ac said...

Wow! you guys got a ton of stuff done. I'm tres' impressed.

Please send Angie (and those fishing poles) over to my house. :) Hugs, ac

Smocha said...

Wow! I am impressed! Send her my way :))

Smocha said...

oh , p.s. guess who you look like in that top picture? I won't tell you but it starts with Queen. Bwa ha ha !!

Love me

JLee said...

Oh my lord!! Can you come and help with mine?? haha
I actually cleaned a bit in our garage today, then gave up as usual ;)

Anonymous said...

oh my god send her my way, i move next month and have yet to pack organize or even get one damn box for packing....she is good!!!!!ddd

Brenda said...

Wow! That was a whole lotta work going on there!

EE said...

Holy Crapola!! You guys are just impressive!!!

Angie Weid said...

Just under 5 hours! Soul was awesome at working through her stuff and Soulman was outstanding at hauling away the stuff. So glad I was able to help.

Anyone else need some help? I can travel.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Wow....this is really impressive!!! Ever notice how a job goes so much faster when you've got people working with you? Angie is really good at what she does....did you pick up some pointers, Soul-friend? Some people are just born-organized...sure wish I was one of them. My mom was like that. GOOD JOB...all of you!!!!

Cheryl said...

Amazing!!! Can you believe that was done in a day? Angie's visit was just what you needed, in more ways than one.