Saturday, August 29, 2009

senile saturday

i so have nuthin to say today -- but i did come across this clip this mornin. i dare ya not to laugh. i wish our news could be so entertaining. i woulda just had to call in. i bet nobody did. poor dogs with issues. only people like me take in the stupid things. :))

Friday, August 28, 2009

stuff , stuff and more random babbling

the pic below is of a t-shirt i bought extremely spontaneously while school shopping with soulkid the other day. last weekend or so, whenever the final day of school shopping was. i don't even remember what i was doing-- prolly just speaking. or moving. who knows? but she blurts out, "mom, stopit, you're embarrassing me"!
haha! that just made me laugh , because when angie was here we were laughing about that very thing-- our kids being embarrassed by our very existance.

anyhow--- yep-- there i was, mindin my own business, spendin my damn money on the girl, actually thinking we were havin an ok time, when she says i embarrass her. at that very moment, i look up, (yes, for some reason, i look down much of the time when i walk)-- but what do i see when i look up??? i see a t-shirt booth in the aisle of the mall. hanging in the t-shirt booth , what is the very first thing i notice? that shirt! wana see it again? ok ....

y'all just KNOW i had to get it. i just couldn't not.
so i did. and i wasted NO time in puttin it on either.
she was in hollister or somethin like it right next to the booth i got the shirt at--
so i go right in there, and into a changing room... and put it on. :))
i come bee boppin out and there she was... she couldn't help but to smile.
she loves me.
embarrassing or not.
she does.
it took her a few days... but she did admit-- she thought it was funny.

well---- UNTIL....
the other night when we went to see the movie-( julie and julia)
we went to dinner first--
i had THREE people comment on my shirt.
she threatened to burn it !
i love it.
i think i will wear it to her first parent teacher thing-- if they have one .
or something. wherever there will be a bunch of kids .
soulman said he was gonna get one too-
a coolest dad shirt.
i can just see her now.

what's the most embarrassing thing your mom or dad did to you when you were a teenager?

i could use a laugh today.....

busy morning-- but i am not really accomplishing much--
i hate it when that happens.

hope y'all have happy weekends---

i'm hoping to get some fishin in.
and some hangin of stuff on my walls.

what are yeeewwwww doin?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

well, i remembered by vals comment that pawn shops do take your thumb-print when ya pawn somethin out here... so i called the detective this morning and asked him about that. know what he said? "not anymore." isn't that just my luck? why would they just stop doin that? to save a few pennies on ink? whaddabuncha crap!
he also told me that when he got a copy of the theifs drivers license-- it was only a copy of his photo --- not including his signature. tell me-- why would a "detective" not get get a complete copy of a persons drivers license in a robbery??? i gotta say -- i'm just gettin more pissed off by the day. because every day this stuff just seems more in the toilet than before. i am at a point now that i am ready to handle it myself. i talked to the detective today, and he was placed on a felony case. i have no idea of what type.. but in a town the size of mine---- my little piddly-- to them-- robbery of some jewelry -- is certainly, not that it ever was-- but now it will never b -- their priority. anyhow--- it looks as though it is up to me. and i think i can get something done much quicker anyhow. but of course, that depends on one thing. and i don't know if that's even possible. i have to see if the detective-- or the pawn shop-- will give me a copy of the pawn ticket. if i get that, i will have a copy of his signature--- once i have that--- i already know there's no gettin a copy of his drivers license-- not by me anyhow-- but i -- or soulman-- could at least have the bossman at the moving company check his job application for the signature... if they match-- i have my case. i get a copy of the application, take it to the detective-- and whenever the new deal he is now working on is over-- he can go arrest this bastard who stole my shit. ummm, stuff.
that-- or soulman can go and kick his ass. not the cop-- the thief.
i refuse to just sit here and do nothing. i just do. i'm sick of being taken. it's just bullshit. y'all just have no idea how many times people have robbed me. it makes me think of michael douglas in that movie "falling down". someday i'm just gonna snap like that -- and go vigilante bitch on everybody, just because of some small thing.
hmmm. ok, i won't. but i wish i could.

we went and saw this movie last night -
"Julie And Julia" -

it was so good. i absolutely loved it. of course it coulda been better. and if i woulda wrote it i woulda tweeked it here or there. but i liked it. we all did. even soulman. and that's sayin somethin, for him to like a "chick flick". :))
it couldn't have been better for me.. i mean, i like to cook, i like to write... it even has blogging in it. :)) it was just good. " two thumbs up" go see it.
"Bon Appetite"

i also rented on that we haven't watched yet-- but i hope it's good. it has that girl up there in it-- 'Amy Adams'. it's called "Sunshine Cleaning" - about two sisters who start up a crime scene clean-up business. one of those 'tear jerker-comedies'.
how they pull that off, i do not know, but i bet it will be good. i will let ya know.

so anyhow-- i'm done with my ciggie break i reckon... back to work for me.

have happy days out there y'all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

heard this song today

how friggin suitable for the news i got as well.
guess what? the cameras were down at the pawn shop that my stolen jewelry was hocked at the day i was robbed. yep. know what that means dontchya? no positive I.D. = no case. why should i be surprised? i guess i'm not. it's cuz i'm ME. remember?
at least soulkid gets her ring back. i get one ring back. i lost a lot more . i may be able to get money... but there is no price for the meaning that stuff held. ya know?
bastards. times like this i wish i was a man so i could go kick someones ass. dammit.

a day and other stuff

yeh, it's been one of these nights :

i really have nights like that. thinking the most ridiculous things, just as i'm drifting off to sandman land.
well, that-- or most often, what happens is i will get to sleep , then wake up two hours later at like 130--0r 330-- even 3:33 :)) -- with the dumbest crap on my mind; unable to get back to sleep.

so, yeh. last night was another of those kindsa nights. i think i was asleep for an hour or two when i woke up--- for no friggin reason, thinkin stupid thoughts. nothing like blenders, or wood chippers-- not even penises. i coulda handled that maybe :))
anyhow-- i got up. no sense in even trying to go back to sleep at that point. full bladder, full head, you know the drill. well some of ya do.
so i get up, and make the coffee-- again, only having to press start :)) -- i can't believe the dumb shit that makes me happy.
i get online just to kill time, and i guess i dozed off. next thing i knew soulman was there telling me to go back to bed-- it was 332 ! one more minute, i woulda felt a bit weird. just the 333 thing ya know. but i stayed up. one of those-- "i'm up nooow" things.

my head goes in ten different directions immediately. good lawd i hate that.
it always makes me think of a book i bought several months ago, but haven't cracked the cover on-- "an unquiet mind". written by--and about - some bi-polar woman. her autobiography actually. anyhow-- that's me. i have an unquiet mind too. at least a lot of the time. i wish for one day... i could just focus. not have so much going on up there at once ya know? it gets quite bothersome. and causes little to get accomplished around here. (at least by me.)
the other two have actually been keeping up pretty good on their "lists". i'm impressed.

yesterday though, i spent the entire day .. no kidding... like an 8 or 9 hour day, catching up on bills, and business stuff that i have allowed to fall through the cracks this last couple months doing all this home buying stuff. oh man. no lie. it was a disaster. as i had been trying to pay things down, and raise our credit scores to buy this house--- there were other bills-- medical bills mostly-- that fell through the cracks and went INTO collections. ugh. so i spent a lot of yesterday trying to get that fixed. well.. i should say - fixing it. i was at least successful.
but oh how it hurt. our bank account dwindled to nothing and one of my paid off credit cards--- well, it's not paid off anymore. robbing peter to pay paul. one of those days. it was awful. but at the same time i was grateful to be able to do what i had to do. one of the bills i paid-- was headed to collection.. that day. phew. talk about luck. wow. a phew more hours coulda really messed up things.

so anyhow. by the time i was done with all that crap-- my fully charged cell phone was on it's very last breath, and i was about to have a stroke.

but-- it wasn't a bad day all around.

soulkid started school, and seemed to have a good day.
soulman was here-- and he did housework, that would surely still be here today-- cuz i didn't have the time yesterday to get to it. he even dropped off and picked up the child from school.---and cooked a pretty darn good dinner. he even did dishes-- and trust me -- there were a lot of dishes. ugh. i hate dishes. i'll never not hate dishes. but-- it's not my job anymore-- soulkid has officially been passed that torch. and does an ok job actually. one day she actually apologized for making me do them for so long. she's growing up. a little :))

anyhow--- i reckon that's enough -- whatever -- outta me for now.

hope y'all have happy days in your worlds.
first day of school for some of y'alls young'ns... good luck with that.
if it was yesterday-- i hope it went well.

guess i shall catchya latah--
another busy day for me here-- but i don't expect to have a stroke over it -- at least i hope not to.

happy tuesday y'all

Sunday, August 23, 2009

well rain on you sunshine-- (now with added photos)

as my poppason would always say-- and ususally to me :)) must be cuz i'm so cheerful huh? oh well. just happens to be one of those days that i can hear him say that as i poured my coffee this morning. " grumpaw" or not-- i miss him .

so anyways-- i wake up this morning, and i'm not feelin too awful bad. yet. i walk into the bathroom.. half asleep-- go to set my cigs and cell phone on the counter and miss. yep. completely. my sort of new i-phone, crashes to the ground. usually those things happen in slow motion with me-- this time , it was like mach speed. i tried to catch it, but no way-- it hit the floor before i could even get my hand out there to try to catch it.
i t was face down-- and i just knew it would be shattered and ruined-- with it's uninsured self. it wasn't! it was fine! i turned it on and it worked! and i was happy.

then i came out to the kitchen to make coffee-- something i really hate to do in the morning -- i can't hardly see -- not to mention move-- in the morning... it's just a pain in the ass-- but i must have coffee. i would die without my coffee . what do i see? a styrofoam cup on top of the coffee maker with a note written by soulman. it says
"Guten morgen :)) "
haha--- he had the coffee ready to go -- all i had to do was pass go and collect 200.00.
ok that's pushin it--- i pressed start -- and voila-- coffee. i'm so damn easy to please!


dum dum dum.... are you ready?
guess what? remember the other day? how adorable, yet stupid sushi looked wearing her diaper?
well... imagine EEVEE in one ! yep. she just started bleeding today too! luckily on tile. but still. i KNOW she won't keep a diaper on. ugh. ugh. ugh. and another UGH.

you know what this means don't you? both of them in heat at the same time? aside from "there will be blood" haha.. sorry-- i was thinking of a different type but then i thought -- nevermind---
but they will FIGHT. they fight when one is in heat -- this is the first time they have been in heat together. once eevee went in just after sushi stopped. but ughboy.
this is not good. i can tell already.
but i am also not gonna pay an extra 80 bucks to have sushi fixed during her heat cycle.
soooooo-- this should be fun. NOT.

our bathroom is done. sorta. it needs a mirror, and some sort of decor. but the hideous wallpaper is gone, and the painting is done. i removed the wallpaper--soulman sanded and painted. looks good-- i'll put a pic up later on. the paint dried a little darker than it was sposed to look, but it's still ok.

it's small and hard to get pics of -

just a toilet and sink -
looks much better though.
now we get to do soulkids bedroom. or soulman does-- it doesn't have wallpaper-- and i am not a painter-- i used to be-- i just can't do that kind of stretching these days. she wants purple. ugh. i hope they can make it work. in my mind it is a disaster. never know i guess.

welp peoples, i have stuff to do-- i'll catch up later--
have happy days -

PS-- smocha said she was hungry-- just as i was cooking

then i added this -
to dr it up--
hungry aintchya?

come on ovah !!!

(PS-- nope, not dog vomit-- it's green chili stew.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

i'll be back

had to hop out for some last minute school crap-- i shall return.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

houston, we have a problem,, and a rant

i didn't think the stairs were gonna be that big a deal here in this house when we moved in. well, i did, but i didn't . just cuz i don't really need to go up there. at least, i didn't THINK i would have to. not until this passed few days as i attempted to test the soulkid on getting up in the mornings "for school". OMG. i think i may die.

i may as well be Rocky in training. pass the glass of raw eggs. really. the mornings are a bad time for me as far as pain goes. and the stairs just might do me in if i have to continue this. and add screaming at her from downstairs to it???? on no. it's not gonna work. i call her cell phone-- she has it on silent! ugh. i yell up there-- she doesn't hear me. i've told her to start setting an alarm. does she? ummm no. i've told her-- get the phone off of silent--- did she-- well, no.

i refuse to continue the up and down thing in pain for a kid her age . i just do. the yelling stresses me out and makes my head hurt. the stairs make my legs and back hurt. and she knows this. it all makes me want to turn into "gran gran" ! LOL. not that i really want to-- it's uncontrollable. then when i hold it in... i become a horrible bitch for the rest of the world to deal with. even i can't be around me. all because i had to go upstairs.

is that not ridiculous???? so preventable.
perhaps i need a megaphone?
a herd of buffalo?
my mom AKA "gran gran" once placed a giant roach on my sisters back because she was terrified of bugs-- cuz she was in trouble--- and my mom was evil--
maybe i'll do that. i'd only have to do it once.

i'm not like that.

i'll continue to make the awful trip upstairs ten times a day---
it's only for a couple more years, right?

maybe a doorbell, or an intercom system?

ideas, anyone?

(here's "the anthem, by good charlotte" it always makes me think of "gran gran!")

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's 333 do you know where your soul is?

nope-- i still haven't got over the 333 thing-- nor have i got over the sleep problems. i was wide awake at like 125 a.m. ugh. will it ever end? i wonder that sometimes. just wonder if i'll ever be normal. if it's not just waking up for no reason, it's a bad dream, pain, a noise. or like i said-- really, no reason at all. ridiculous. that's what it is.
do y'all think it could be menopause? that wouldn't bother me one bit-- well, not if it would hurry up and get over with anyhow. :)) i'll still prolly be one of those people that remains a ragin bitch for ten days about that time-- but i will still be relieved , when that stuff is over. i have had a lot of hormone tests lately-- due to the thyroid crap-- and it seems to be a possibility. i really can't wait til it's reality.

lol-- i was just thinkin how much my male peoples must just love this topic. i guess i can move on to somethin else. i've been half asleep for the last twenty minutes--- forgive me, for i know not what i say :))

so, anyhow-- what's on y'alls agendas for the day?
mine? well, i have to wait for the dryer dudes to come fix our brand new friggin dryer. i hate it when something brand new is broken. especially a high dollar something. yes, we got it on clearance-- but it wasn't used-- it was just an "open box"-- or so they said. turns out the drum is bad. it wouldn't be bad-- cept it hits a screw on every rotation. and when it does it- it sounds like it's bein hit with a sledge hammer. not fun. what's more fun? a new prob that started like the day after the guys came to troubled shoot it.... it began sounded like it had bb's in it too--- woo hoo--- i love laundry as it it-- add all the noise-- and it's a damn party! not. but that should--and better be fixed today.

i want to go fishin for a couple hours after the sun comes up-- but they -- the oompa loompa guys-- for the dryer-- could be here at about 8. or, they could be here at noon. but i can't take that chance. so , if i do muster the energy to go, i must go soon, and not go far-- or long. and i have things to do before i can even leave. ugh. if , or when that works out, i spose i'll be workin on my tackle bag. and bathroom wall paper. and other tedious tasks.

but until then you know how to find me- :))

happy humpday

ahh PS-- wanna see sushi at her dumbest? well, almost, her dumbest---

she's sportin some jeans mon'
(the girl is in heat again, the little trollop!)

well. i hope y'all have good days today-- it's humpday -- so ya better !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i've always been a geek

howdy peeps---

i was looking through pix earlier today to see if i could find any showing my missing jewelry. i only found a couple. this, being one of them. not a good shot of the ear rings-- but one of my fave pix. it was taken when my nephew was living with us for a while. leave it to me to put us all in the same shirt. ugh. i do like the picture... but c'mon. tell me a 14 year old boy didn't think that was the geeky-est thing he'd ever been forced to do? sorry weis! i love you!

(PS: before i forget--- :)) ---- i don't EVER go on facebook anymore)

back to your regularly scheduled reading ....

anyhow-- yep-- those ear rings are one of the things that got ripped off in the move.

my aunt (dads sis) gave them to me.
she died suddenly and unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm almost a year after my dad died of cancer.
oooohhhh... i wish i would hear something more about what's goin on with this guy. why isn't he in jail? they know he robbed me. aren't they supposed to arrest him or something?? wth? i'm so pissed of about that still.

i'm so rusty at writing. i have no idea what to say here. sorry. i did a little cruisin and sayin hi today. that's about all i had time for , was to say hi. i was on my way to the dr. and errands . if i haven't got to your place yet-- i will.

welp-- things are just rollin along here. i'm still puttin stuff away, and my kitchen is my biggest dilemma. i have little storage, and no clue where to put anything. i've also been peeling wallpaper in the guest bathrooom for thelast couple days. i have a plan... but little energy. that's not good. i have the paint too-- goin "sage green". it'll be cool, if i ever get it finished. i also need to hang my pictures and do all that stuff too. otherwise i'd be showin ya pics of the place. i have the small stuff put up for the most part-- i mean no boxes are stacked around. but not much decor is goin on either. who wants to come help? i have no sense of martha stuart-ism.

angie was here again tho, btw. she helped us get the beginning stages of the unpacking and sorting done. i wouldn't be this far without her help. she's a miracle worker--and a great friend. i'd be standing in the middle of a sea of clutter if not for her. prolly in the old house :))
thanks angie-

welp folks-- i gotta go forage for food--

hope yall are well and happy today--
catchya later-

Saturday, August 15, 2009

can't have nuthin !!!

howdy folks--- :))
i miss you. all of you. it's been hard not posting here, and connecting with you folks like before. it seems i have been busy enough lately though to not obsess over it. but i do miss y'all, and i miss writing. some days i feel like i might explode from not writing
or connecting with my peeps. but at the same time, i find it "safer" staying away.
yet----- here i am. i'm sure it would have been much more difficult if those of you who have continued to email etc, wouldn't have. that has really helped me to at least know there are still some out there who think of me.

anyhow. things around soulland haven't been what many of you would think they have been. what with buying a home, and decorating, and all that comes with that.
it has been a very --- scratch that. it has been a most difficult time for me. in many ways. physically, of course. y'all already knew that would be a problem. it continues to be a problem, and a severe one. i'll get back to it-- but it didn't help things in what i'm about to mention.

due to my physical limitations , i had to have the movers help do some packing this time. this was the first time in my life that i did not -- or we did not, pack everything ourselves. we got maybe 80-90 percent done, but the rest i just didn't get to. mainly what was left wasn't "that" important. the kitchen. or part of it. a few closets. linens, etc. basically just crap. i packed my office first. it took a few days, it had the most stuff in it that was important. nik naks, trinkets, just important stuff. i hurt like hell at the end of that few days. throw in a couple doctors-- lose a couple days... blah blah blah.

then back on my feet-- i tell soulkid-- gather your jewelry-- put it in your jewelry box--and put it with mine so i can pack it before the movers come. she actually did that. it took her a couple days but she did it. by that time-- i was focused on other things-- packing my hutch-- another thing that i insisted that i pack myself. personal, sentimental things you know. before i could blink.... it was moving day.
everything that meant a shit was packed. except--- yep you guessed it--- the jewelry boxes!!!!! FOUR of them. three being mine, one being soulkids.

the sad thing? well one of the sad things? i noticed right away. i did. i'm just that way. but, people doubt me. and it makes me feel bad. and wrong. and a lot of the time, i am wrong. what i feel to be "missing", or messed with.. may not have been. that or i am convinced by someone that it hasn't. SO. i didn't say anything. even though.... i opened one of the jewelry boxes and KNEW at least one ring was GONE. i didn't say a word.

not until several days later. i went to untangle my chains that were in a hanging style jewely box made for chains. i noticed several things missing. i went on to another box. thinking--- hoping--- maybe they dropped one, and just tossed what fell out into another. NOPE. i only noticed more missing. i know everything that i own. down to the last antique coin. the last silver dollar. the last stupid little junk store ring.
they robbed the wrong person. yep. they robbed ME.

of course i got the "are you sure". did you check here or there" from a couple people.
people who should know me better than that. but remember-- i guess i'm just on my way out as far as my mind goes. senile, you know? yep-- it's not funny anymore is it? not to me either.

so anyhow. i filed a police report. of course. soulkid told me the next day that she did happen to be missing a gold ring that her boyfriend gave her. hmmm. guess they believe me now.

well, i got a phone call only two days later from a detective. to my surprise. i guess sometimes these folks actually do work for a livin. he wanted me to describe only the rings that i was missing. i did.. but soulkid had to describe hers, because i had only seen it once. i would know it if i saw it-- but i couldn't describe it. he had us go down and fill out forms... and then told us that he had run these movers names--- and had got a hit on one of them at a pawn shop in Dallas. the same damn day of the move. one of my rings, and soulkids ring. he sold them. i was, and am livid.

this is not the first time i have been robbed. but these guys. we invited them in. we bought them food. and we paid them.. to rob us. ugh.

i cannot replace what they stole from me . much of it was given to me. some of it , the person is dead now. gold hoop ear rings from my aunt. i don't have a good memory-- y'all know that. but every single peice of jewely that motherfucker took from me---- i remember the moment and the conversation that it was given to me.
i'll never have that back. it has been replaced by anger. and fear. my child and i now are both afraid that this guy is gonna show up here to hurt us. or do something to our home. or cars. or just something. because the least that will be done to him is he will lose his job. no one can have a job like that and be a theif. his job is gone.

i told the detective--- tell him, if he gives me ALL my stuff back i won't press charges-- if not-- he's goin to jail."
so. i guess he won't be goin to jail if i'm not there to testify. right?

we will be getting an alarm system..and motion lights. asap. hubby has a gun. it will now be put back together and loaded... oh yippee.. we all know i just love that idea. (i will not have access to it--nor will soulkid.... i still dont like the idea tho) but this is not a good situation folks.

here i am, the gal who raised her kid to not be predjudice. don't say the "N" word. and we get robbed by a black dude. i tried to see if would make me feel better to say that word. i said in ten times real fast. it made me feel worse. he was just a man. his color doesn't mean a thing. just sayin.

anyhow-- it would take days to catch y'all up on everything. so you know i won't write a book here today.
i don't know if or when i'll post again.
i just wanted to say hello-- and check in. and let ya know-- i miss all of you. i really do. so much it hurts sometimes, and days i just only wonder how each of you are, and i hope you are all ok.

i'll be back i'm sure. i just don't know when. i am very busy. my pain level had me at near suicide level the other day-- when i voiced that to a doctor--- they too stopped treating me like a idiot. i didn't get locked up like i thought i might. seein as i all i could do was sit there and cry. but i did get some medicine that seems to help. i also got another round of injections in my neck. something different this time. seems to feel different than the last time... but i don't feel very hopeful that it is the cure.
aparently the narrowing (spondylosis) has gotten worse. my future isn't very bright -- guess i can take off the shades. but anyhow. i have a seemingly decent pain doc now who is doing what he can to help me. (molesting, not included.)

so i just take each day as it comes... or try to anyhow.
i try to take a trip up the stairs at least once a day. the first week in this house that was a task i wouldn't even attempt. but now i do. and it's a start. i'm not givin up my legs just yet. i've given up-- and had taken from me all i can handle for now.

i really hope you all are doing great today in your worlds.
take care-