Monday, October 22, 2007

wanna know somethin????

i know somethin y'all don't know. maybe. it kinda depends on which order you cruise your blogs in... but i just happen to know where jamie went this weekend! (@-everyone thinks i can fix it).

wanna know?

she and her husband came here! to my place. no, they didn't stay at my place--- that might be a little odd, to meet someone online and then stay at their house on the first meeting---- but they stayed close by.... and i will tell ya what.... her and her husband are just absolutely fantastic people!!!!

me, being such a not so face to face - social person... i was scared to death of meeting her/them. but it turned out great! we were only able to spend saturday together... but had a great day....and evening. our husbands got along great, and needless- maybe- to say- jamie and i --- geesh... we hit it off great. i can't tell you how many times we said the same thing at the same time... even one time , in response to soulman... we both gave him a silent thumbs up---at the same time! we laughed until we hurt ourselves.

i didn't mention that she was coming sooner because i was a nervous wreck as it was, and couldn't think straight enough to actually plan anything for when they got here. all i could do was clean my house, and try to compose myself to actually speak face to face with someone other than soulman and my kid. also i wasn't ready for a bunch of questions from people about what are ya gonna do.. or even worse---are you crazy or somethin...bringin people you don't "know" to your house? ya know.
so..just so ya know.. i wasn't being deceitful in my silence... it was basically self preservation.

but also... just so ya know---- jamie is as wonderful a person in "real life" as she is on her blog.
and she really put herself through hell in driving all the way here with the pain she has to endure as it is without being trapped in a car for 11 hours. her husband is a great guy for driving her out. it would have been doulbly hard on her poor body had she actually driven all the way here.

anyhow... here we are....
soul and jamie----or jamie and soul whichever you prefer.... we clean up pretty good eh?
not that we don't look as stupid as we were acting that night.. :)) we had a total blast!

just tell me ya can't make TRUE friends online. i won't beleive you.

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