Friday, August 31, 2007

the way it really happened...

so far...
a day in photos , revisited...

Soulman caught a turtle... by the FOOT!

Then he caught a bass...

Then we got hot... and moved from one pond to another..
and I got me a fishy !
and lost a bunch... but got a total of 3.

Soulman got three at this pond.
then we got way too freakin hot, and went to eat, and get some tea.

then came home.
so far... just waitin for
SoulKid to get outta school,
and chillin with the puppies.

now... i have to take my child to MALL HELL...

when i get back... i will report in... :))

reporting in .. late...
i got home from mall hell,
chilled on the computer, ate a couple dogs,
did some cruisin, and some chattin, and then i took a coupla these
(xanax....yes prescribed)

and now i am just waiting for these...
to turn me, into , THIS:

and then, i can only hope that soulman will rescue me!

happy weekend peeps...

another daily forecast in photos

i'm thinkin i need a haircut !

and i'm thinkin one or two of these could make me do the happy dance!

and one of these wouldn't hurt either!

unfortunately, i see more of THIS

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Best Banned Commercials (BBC)

would you like to ride with batman??

There's A Bathroom On The Right !

anybody else ever sing those lyrics wrong? (There's a bad moon on the rise) well they are pretty suitable for me today.

i got a rumblin tummy for sure. but... so far, no disasters.

i am finally done with tests ... for a while. PHEW. but, when i got over there earlier... they made me drink even MORE of that damn barium stuff!!! OMG! i didn't expect it, and i did NOT want it. know what i wanted? COFFEE!!!! but, i complied, once again, and did as i was told.
i drank the nasty stuff.... managed to not puke... :)) luckily. cuz my body really really REALLY wanted to reject it.
then came the breathe in... hold it... breathe... breathe in...hold it...breathe...
made me dizzy.
next the dye injection. made my mouth taste like metal.. also made me feel like i was peein my pants!! that was not a good experience...but i was glad that the tech warned me to expect that feeling.
so anyhow. hubby went with me. such a good guy. took a whole day off, just to be with me. i really could have managed this one on my own. but he worries. and actually, i was glad to have him there. he also drove the girl to school this morning..also a big help for me.
so anyhow... now i am on my THIRD cuppa coffee. guess i'll have to stop after this and move to water...which was the recommendation... to flush all the yukky stuff out. hopefully out the bladder... not the other one. :))
anyhoo... hubby just left to go fishing. i told him to give me another half hour to decide if i need to stay by the potty or not. (awful noises comin from my tummy)... if not...i would go meet him and fish for a while. hopefully i will get to fish. it heals me. and Lord knows, i need some healin today!!!
SO... i shall go make a quick trip around blogland and check on my peeps, then , hopefully go fishin.
then i shall play catch up with you, and all my other stuff that has been put off for a couple days. pretty hectic around here lately.
hopefully things will slow down in the next day or so, and i can get back on track with everybody.

happy tuesdays all around!

Monday, August 27, 2007

dandy knocked peachy out of the tree (monday pt #2)

hi all... this here is a continuation from the comments section of the below post. because this time rather than not being able to shut up... i may not be able to get goin if i talk too much in the box. so i'll just put it here once. how's that?

first... i want to thank y'all..again for comin by, and wishing us well today. the prayers seem to have helped... a lot. i mentioned to my daughter a while ago that y'all had been praying for her to have a good first day of school today. she got the sweetest little look on her face, and said "awww, your blog people are so caring." it was really sweet. and kinda nice to watch that teen angst get wiped clean off her face !!! :))
so yes, she did have a good day. she looks happier today than i have seen in a while. she looks ALIVE again. PLUS... i found out, hubby didn't wake her up this morning. SHE got herself up !!! for like the third time in her whole life ! WOO HOO!!!

ok... second.... y'all know i took her to school, came home, gathered my crap, and headed out to DALLAS VA Hospital . my MOST favorite place. you know i'm a liah !
well... surprisingly..... aside from the hellish DFW morning rush hour traffic, the drive went fairly well. i experienced quite a bit of anxiety though, but i did not get lost, and this time barely had to refer to my map except for a couple of turns.
sooooo. i arrive at the hospital. already anticipating HELL DAY. no parking, shitty doctors, neglect, i ran the whole day through my mind before i drove into the lot... and it wasn't a pretty sight. (hence the high anxiety).
well... get this: i found a parking spot almost immediately !!! there was a car backing out of it, a car in front of me, then me. i just knew the car in front of me was going to park there. i went as far as to call them an asshole ! then the one car drives off... and they did too ! and i slid right into that parking spot that wasn't two hundred miles from the door. (or 45 minutes in a valet line).
what a start !!!!
ok, so then... i walk in..of course. and i go to EKG. i expect a long wait, and a big hassle. guess what? didn't happen. there were two guys in front of me, and one gettin worked on...... and it was all over with in maybe half an hour.
my next stop... oh, it was about 11:00 by now. i had left the house around 930 ish).
so, i go to X-RAY... for a chest x-ray. and guess what? in and out of there in less than thirty minutes TOO !!!! God was smilin on me !!!
then, i went to get my labs done. OMG. i almost fell over when i saw that place. there was literally , i'm guessing , but it has to be close, 100 people there, waiting for labs. ok... wait, that's really a lot of people. lets say 60. i obviously didn't count them, but there was a daamn LOT of them. some sitting, some standing...and they even had one wall lined with wheelchairs (with people in them) with signs that said "wheelchair parking". the place was freakin packed.
so anyhow. i woulda been happy to leave at that time. but i couldn't . so i get in line...maybe ten people in front of me. another guess. i had time to count them... just didn't want to. but i did have one guy in front of me... a older guy wearing a black leather biker jacket and one of those "scarf" things on his head. and the guy behind me , oh lordy. he looked like somethin that crawled out of a new mexico gutter. (no offense to new mexico peeps... hubby was born and raised there, and i lived there too.... just a reference peeps)... so anyhow... he was wearing a leather hat, he was all snaggly toothed, i could barely understand what he was saying... except the "MAAM! MAAM! part. gawd. he kept trying to talk to me. MAAM! MAAM! geesh. i tried and tried to ignore him , but i just can't be THAT rude. then the dude in front of me starts talkin to me too! i'm literally trapped between two men that i would probably run from on the street , and they're talkin to me like they have known me forever. i all but ignored them...but they wouldn't shut up !!! MAAM! ugh!
but.... again GOD smiled on me...... even though i should have been there for about three hours by the looks of it... i got to the front to turn in my slip etc.. and i told the girl... "i have to pee... if i pee now, i won't be able to pee later"... so she got me all signed in, gave me a cup to pee in, (to take in the bathroom of course :)) .. and said they would call me. so i went in the back to do the cup thing... and know what happened? i open the bathroom door..and there's a dude takin a pee !!! in scrubs ! he worked there. you would think he might KNOW to lock the damn door??? well, needless to say, i slipped out with an apology, and went to the other bathroom .
and NO i didn;t see anything! thank God!
ok... so i then go back out to wait. for what i thought would be an eternity. i sat for maybe five minutes, and then thought... i sure do want a cigarette! so i went and smked one (outside). i came back, sat down.. and maybe five minutes later... they called my name ! the girl said she was gonna send me to the (something inaudible) lab across the hall, that it would be faster. well, holy shit, i'll take it ! i go over there, there's ONE person sittin waiting. ONE. i got my blood drawn , in and out (of that section) in like five minutes! i was sooo happy i went and smoked another cigarette !
THEN... i went to check in for my actual DR. appointment. the check in line seemed to take quite a while, but once i got thru there, i may have waited like 30-40 more minutes to be seen by the doc. (somewhere in there were vitals etc).
so, i get in to see the dr. i had never seen him before. so i didn't know what to expect. y'all know i was expecting a worthless ass hat though don't ya?
well, he wasn't bad. coulda been better. but, he was pretty thorough. except for the fact that this is like the umpteenth dr i have seen in the last six months and he did not touch my back !!!
but oh well. maybe they don't need to touch it. anyhow, he was a very serious man. not very old either. maybe my age..not 40 but 50 . just somewhere in there. but the guy didn't smile once, he didnt get off topic once, he just asked questions, got answers, wrote prescriptions, gave orders, and i left. or maybe i was told to leave. hmmm. he was actually kind of intimidating. not a big guy. just way too serious.
bUT.. the good part??? he actually gave me real pain meds. just T3..(tylenol w/codeine) but hell, it beats tearing my stomach up with bottles of aspirin.
he also refilled my hydrortisone..for the addisons. PHEW! i was almost out, and had already cut the dose from 30 mg a day down to 10 at this point! now i have enough to get back on a therapeutic doasage again, and i just might get some energy back. or "roid rage". hmmm.
and...he set me up with an endocrinologist. FINALLY. i have been trying to get with a endo doc since i got back to texas. i couldnt get in any sooner than... shit now i dont remember...but it was gonna be months, and months i didnt have to go without meds. so now i'm good.

he also gave me migraine meds. would you believe the vA stopped using all? not just the shots...the whole shebang. that really sucks. i use the shots, cuz they work fast and i don't puke it up...obviously. but now i have a new one. a pill. don't remember the name right now. but at least i got it.

and..he also gave me a brand new TENS unit for my back. the one i have is like ten years old, and almost useless. now i have a new one. (it sucked having to pick it up, i'll get to that part in a few)

ok... that was about it with this guy....except, he needed a cortisone level....which meant i had to go BACK to the lab. ugh man. i just new it would take forever. i went over there...only like one or two people in line in front of me... i get up there...and she sent me right back !!!! woo hoo !!!
they drew one more vial of blood, and that was it...and guess what the lady who took my blood talked to me about? just guess... FOOD ! that's right... FOOD. good ole southern stuff..pork chops, cabbage... some other stuff i dont remember... but i had to laugh, and tell her how much i love to talk about FOOD!

oh ya.. then i had to go to the pharmacy and check in ... to "drop off" a computerized prescription. now tell me that isn't a waste of EVERYONES time. it's in the damn computer.. FILL it ! noooo... this by the way, is where it all went downhill... fast. 15 minutes in line... to show my ID card. that's it. that, and WAIT... FOREVER. but, at least i had somethin else to do while i was waiting.

first, i went to get my "travel pay". the last few times i have gone out there, they gave me 11.00 and some change for gas. so, i go stand in line... and listen to some old guy yack my freakin ear OFF , telling jokes. JOKES? i didn't think people really even did that anymore. but the guy thought he was a real comedian. joke after joke. political, mostly, like hillary , billary, bush, etc. ugh. i tried to ignore him, but it only made him get closer to make sure i was listening. :((
so anyhow... finally i get away from him...and go to the other window, to pick up what i think is gonna be 11 and some change... know what i got? a buck. one dollah ! and some change. i said, i thought it was 11??? he said not for todays. hmmm ok. i said, if i woulda known that, i wouldn't have wasted my time. but hell, i'll take a buck. so i got a coke, and had a cigarette. again.

then... i had to go to prosthetics. or so i thought. but that is where i went. to get the TENS unit. well, of course i found out i was in the wrong place and had to go to physical therapy to get it. so i go over there .

now, you gotta realize.. this is dallas texas va hospital. it is not a small hospital. people come here from oklahoma, and freakin, everywhere. i am exhausted and i wanna go home. but, i gotta get the tens unit, and meds. sooo, i go to PT. i tell the guy the dr ordered a tens i just need to pick it up. i really thought, for the way the rest of the day had gone...i'd go in, get it, go out, get my meds and be done.

did it go that way? nope.
i ended up sittin there for , no shit, two hours! to be "trained" how to use a machine that i have used for the last ten years !! the leads are the same, the conrols are the same. it's the same damn thing. but i had to be "trained on how to operate it". OMG. when i saw it i was pissed. if it woulda beeen some new complicated modern thing, i'd be ok, this is ok. but nooo. 2 hours of my life.. GONE. dumbasses. but, i got it, no training required by the way. once i told THIS one that i had one, she gave it to me and i was out. it was some other dumb ass who thought i had to be qualified to run a TENS. like a pilot or some shit. geesh.

ok... that took a lot of effort to not just leave without it. but i managed.
THEN, i had to go back to pharmacy to pick up my meds. this would be my FINAL stop of the day. i was ready for a hoveround. i could barely walk. i wanted to bE home. i didnt want to face traffic in dallas. or drive. none of it, i wanted to just open my eyes and BE home.
but noo.... i STOOD in line for over ... OVER.. half an hour..... just to hand over my ID card to some ass wipe. who then told me to go WAIT. OMG. my name was on the board, which meant the meds were ready. but i (along with all the other tired, sore, pissed off, sick ass people) had to stand there all that time just to let them know that i was physically there to pick up my rx. so, i complied...and i sat, and i sat, and i sat... for another half hour. they FINALLY called my name. actually they spelled my name. my last name is not a hard name to spell. my maiden name was much more difficult. yet it seems 8 out of ten people cannot spell or pronounce my last name.
but anyhow. i got my shit, and i got the hell out of there.

i NEVER want to go back...but y'all know i will. i have to go back to see the endo doc... i just dont know when yet.

so// i drag my ass out to the car... in 110 degrees...nothing to drink...dying of thirst....but all i wanted was to BE home. and somehow, i managed to make it alllllll the way home, in some bad afternoon dallas traffic...without looking at my directions even one time!!!!

i got home at like almost five pm. hubby cooked dinner. it was good. salmon and curry chicken. rice pilaf, and peas. good stuff.

there. i am sooo done. i may cruise a bit, but my fingers are fat and lazy. i will ltalk to yall tomorrow.

PS... i get to go to yet another doc tomorrow, but at least it is close to home... for the liver cat scan. i'm sure i wont have results for a while. but when i do, i shall let yall know.

peachy and dandy were sittin in a tree....

( good morning at my house)

hey girl, what's up? i need a towellllll"
mornin hunny, how ya doin? "oh, just peachy"
and you? just dandy"

(this is a 4.10 pound bass hubby caught yesterday while i was napping
it is also just about how i feel right now)


today is the first day back to school... the music is blasting out of the childs room... it is freakin 618 in the morning. this is the way i will spend the next 9 months of my mornings. (and this was an easy one, since hubby woke her up, and not me!)

all summer long..and when i'm used to school hours / mornings... i have some time to myself to smoke and choke, most of the time in TOTAL silence, as she sleeps, and hubby either gets ready for work, or sleeps later than me. those days are gone.

now come the early morning arguments... the i can't find my... the i lost my homework, the i don't have clean pants..... i need a lunch check (all at the last minute) but the gawd... the music.... i can't handle it.

well... i will get to my comment responses later on. and will try to cruise a bit before school time. but for now... i have to play mom... make sure the kid has lunch money...clothes, etc etc etc.
then i will need to ready myself for yet another trip to hell east... ummm.. dallas VA hospital. OMG.

what a monday.
hope y'all have some good ones.

i shall try to post a "first day of school photo" as most have done already. but of course that will depend on moods, time, and the fact that i can't remember , at this time, where i put my new camera batteries.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

ok, i'm back.. sunday..part two

yep... i feel THAT good.
1230 and i'm already outta gas. but what else is new , right?

anyhow. i was just sittin here taking a break from phase one of kitchen hell duty.... (makes me think of Hells kitchen.... :)) hey.. my kitchen IS hells kitchen!

anywaaaaays... takin a break from the loading the dishwasher, counter tops, trash, etc..... then ran out of hot water... awwww... such a pity. so, that was my calling for a break. so i am now in my room, the only quiet place in the house. my cave. my hide out. i checked a couple emails, and comments etc, and i was just about to go head for phase two of kitchen hell duty... when hubby said he had just started the dishwasher. ahhhh sweet relief. that part , in my mind was to be phase three... after the hand washing of the pans and other large cookware etc. but i was spared... for a while. so... here i am.

so anyhow, i just figured what better time than the present, to tell my mall hell story. and that is what i am going to do. at least as well as my senile will allow. afterall, this happened, what?.. on friday? yes, friday.
okay... let's go to the mall, shall we...
friday afternoon....

step one... i was already wiped out... (reference to Fridays post... the one that refers to me being exhausted, yet having to go to the mall... under duress) ...

step two.... daughter (13) and i... finally get into the car to head out to the mall for school shopping... phase two i think. it was to be for shoes... and perhaps supplies as well. yes i believe so. BUT.... does anything ever go the way i want , or worse "expect" it to go???? oh hell no. especially when it comes to shopping. for anything. much less... with, or for my child.

ok... anyhow... step two... we get into the car... that would seem like a rather simple task, wouldn't ya think??? really , for anyone... getting into the car, E-Z. right? oh noooo. actually, we did get in the car, even started it... but then:

i say... do you have your school supply list?

she says: uh, no.

I say: umm well, don't you think you should go get it???


turn off the car.. in 110 degrees, wait for the kid to fumble with the door key..yes 13 still has a hard time with keys and doorknobs....five minutes later, as i am having a heat stroke in the car... she returns, list in hand.
woo hoo! right?

i start the car... again. get the air on..of course... first thing she does...(no surprise, but still...i'm hot, i'm tired, i want a damned nap, not a trip to the fuckin mall!)...she takes out my bob seger cd...and puts in some shit of hers that i hate. i tell her OH NO... not today! so it just gets worse from there.... (no quotes here... but it's baaaaad...i just don't remember it all)... but i didn't get three blocks down the street before i turned around, flames shooting from my eyes, and worse shooting from my mouth!.... i tell her
i am not takin that shit from you TODAY! we will go home right now!
she gets all panicky...which makes her screeching angst even worse! nooooooo please blah blah blah... so of course i give in... with the threat of.... you raise your voice once, or piss me off in ANY way, and we WILL come home immediately. she promises to behave.

i shoulda KNOWN better. i've heard it a million times. but we continued on to the mall.
(listening to her music. :((((((((((((((((((((((( i am such a wuss! a sucker? a pushover???

anyhow, it's not that far to the mall.. 15 minutes? maybe. we get there... barely speaking to each other. which sometimes isn't that uncommon...but sometimes in the car is the only time we talk. this time..lotsa tension. i just knew it was only gonna get worse, and i really wish i woulda followed my instincts and talked her dad into going. instead of me. but nooooooo.

ok... fast forward a bit. we do "ok" for a while. til she doesnt get her way. which was when i realized i had a pair of sunglasses...the brightons, not the batman ones...that i was gonna drop off for repair... but left them in the car. so i had to go get em. so she decides to have a damned baby fit about goin back to the car. i told her to sit in a chair by the coffee shop and wait .. she didnt wanna do that either. OMG..all she did was
(forgetting, we were there for HER... to spend money on HER... i did NOT want to be there... it was for HER..yet she wanted to be disrespectful. (for lack of a "safer" term.)

soooo we are walking back to the car and i notice her button up shirt is inside out. is it a trend? a fashion statement? or was it a fashion disaster??? well, apparently she dressed in the dark...or in a hurry, cuz she was mortified...and took it out on me. shit , I didn't put it on her... why get pissed at ME??she had a t-shirt under it..if it were me, i would simply find a corner and switch it around....but noooo, she had to act like it was a massive medical emergency or something.
so, we get to the car, and it takes her ten 110 degree heat... to turn her freakin shirt around!!!!!!!! UGH. by now i could faint... or punch someone... not so much her... just anyone.

ok, so we manage to make it back inside. after waving off two cars who thought we were leaving and wanted my parking spot. :((

we go to the sunglass place. which a big ass hassle. and i know it will be a bigger hassle later and i will end up arguing with someone..or telling them to keep the glasses and shove em, when they try to charge me for replacing the arms, when they only needed screws. i shoulda just fixed em myself. will i ever learn?

ok so we leave there. glasses to be sent off. will let ya know how that goes in 4-6 weeks...lovely. but oh well, not like i need em now anyhow. just thought i would give em to the kid... having second thoughts now tho, after all of THIS.

anyhow... i'll skip the few snaps and bites in between at the shoe store, and hot topic... and fast forward to where it allllll came to a boiling head:

i was flat out exhausted by then. hell i was exhausted for hours before then. imagine that moment. well... we had to walk thru the food court to get to the car. so guess what? oh yes. the kid wants chick fil a. what do i want? i want a damn cigarette, and i want to be away from all the damn people and noise, and i want to be in my car, and i want to get the school supplies...and i want to BE home!!!!! THAT is what I wanted. so i say....
let's just leave and go to the one by target by the house.....
nooo i want to eat here, i'm tired i wanna sit down, i i i i i i i i ...whaaaaaaaa.
what do i do? i attempt to convince her that a few minutes wont kill her, my back hurts i'm tired, lets go get it down the road etc.... but noooooo. she must have it at the mall. right now. right here.
ok, fine. i don't have the energy to argue. get the damn food , eat and let's get the hell outta here, so i can SMOKE!
so..we order her food, but i did not want chicken! so we get her food, get her at a table, and i go to a different little place..for a sandwich. they took make a freakin sandwich. a 6.00 sandwich that i really didnt even want. i wanted a cigarette! so, i'm there waiting...and every couple minutes i look over to check on the girl. the first couple times, she's just sittin there, eating her chick fil a...doin fine. UNTIL...DUM DUM DUM.....

i look over like the third time... and there is a boy sittin there with her! a boy i had never seen before! an older boy! i'm like... OH HELL NO! so i go over there. not all stormin over like a crazy lady or anything...i just walked over... i looked at her face first... trying desperately to "read" it. then i look at him. he actually wasn't a bad lookin kid, just older. soooo.... i ask her

"someone you know?"
"umm, no"
so i say to him...
"how old are you"
he says.... "16"
i say...
"she's not"
he says
"she's not??????"
i say
" you can leave."
he says..."i can leave?
i say yes please."
so he gets up, and walks away.

and OMG. WW3 erupted at our little table.

well, 1st i had to go pick up my food..i came back, sat down... and here's how it went...

FIRST... I apologized! i did not have to... i coulda just gone off on her and been a total ass. but i KNEW i had embarrassed her. so I apologized. then i went on to explain why i did what i did.

and just as i had thought... i "read" her expression wrong. it wasn't save me... it was... okaaay this is weird.

but she could not understand any of it from my side. and woul;dn't ya know... guess when her dad decides to call? RIGHT THEN. and by this time she decided also, that she wanted to leave...and not eat her fuckin food that she just HAD to have...RIGHT THEN.

it was a total freakin mess. so of course dad got frustrated, trying to explain he woulda done the same damn thing i did... and why.... and for her to apologize to ME...and to straighten her ass up...
well...she STILL could only view it at a thirteen year olds' perspective. and dad doesnt handle that well. so he got pissed, and hung up on her. then she ended up crying. then the food ended up in the can... the school suppplies got nixed (for that day..which only upset her more)... we didn't speak at all til we got home...and that was only when we parked in the driveway...
she said
I'm sorry mom.
i said
i know.
and that was that.

you know you wanna be me

ok, before i get this party started ....

i reckon i could throw a new post on here. i know i been slackin a bit.

so , what do y'all want to hear about first? perhaps i could start at the end... since that is where my poor memory is the freshest.


UFC... we watched that on pay per view last night. it was most awesome , again. as always. well, almost always. but every fight was a good one. everyone i wanted to win, did. and there was blood... lots and lots of blood. eeeewwweee. but cool. i have never seen anyone with a broken nose before...and i don't imagine i want to again. it hurt me to watch.
so anyhow, by watching the fight, it meant a late night for me, which meant i slept late too. after 7. but i didnt get to sleep til after 1:30 a.m so it wasn't really a huge difference.

ok, next... before that... we watched a blockbuster movie, called "the lookout"... i had never heard of it before. it was one of those...well crap, they don't have anything, but this might be ok, type picks. we've had it here for days, but hadn't watched it, but finally gave in and watched it last night. we were both surprised at how good it actually was. we expected it to be barely watchable. it was a good story. (recommended).

ok.... before that... ummmm... oh dinner... i made a meatloaf cuz i was just exhausted all day yesterday... the heat and fishing kicked my ass, and i just had like zero energy the rest of the day. so i just threw a chunk of meat in the oven and called it meat loaf. canned green beans, and bagged "salad"...with nothing added, no tomatoes or nuthin. no chef rachel ray last night. lazy lay was way more like it. but it was good.

not much before that other than layin in my bed, no sleeping, just bein lazy, wanting to sleep, but not able to for some reason...and a bath before that, and fishin before that... (and that was my saturday...backwards!)

OH... plus... between the movie and the fight... hubby, thank God, took the kid to the store for her school supplies.. so luckily i do not have to endure another shopping excursion!

TODAY, however, i DO have to face a kitchen that i would literally pay someone 100 dollars to clean for me. but i don't know who to offer it to, so i reckon i am on my own. it is a disaster area. i can't bare to think about it, much less get in there and do it...but do it, i must.

anyhow... i was gonna post the mall hell story... but i just don't have the time right now... i need to clean before i cant muster the mental strength, at least right now i think i can get it together enough to at least get started on it. so.... i shall share that little shit... i mean BIT latah. :))

enjoy your sunday peeps... and please...everybody be careful today!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday post 1201... You Won't Believe Yor Eyes !

hi y'all.. well, actually, i'm not sure who i'm talkin to right now, because it seems that everyone in all of blogland is out partyin again... well, except me and josie. but that's alright. it used to be thursdays that i complained were my slow days for peeps to stop by, now i notice that it has become friday nights. hmmm. guess i'll have to find something else to do to entertain myself while y'all do whatever it is you do.

so, anyhow... i'm tired, and i am sorry for being slow gettin to the point here... but anyhow, hubby and i got a wild hair this evening and decided to go fishing. i am quite positive that that does not surprise you n the least, but the thing was that we were both already so thoroughly exhausted and crabby that i'm surprised we could even sit upright, much less go fishing. but we did anyways. mind over matter i guess. he even died my .. our.. daughters hair before we went...after working and standing on his feet all day long. geesh. and i was exhausted from all the crap i did, runnin all over town, and enduring the mall hell. which i still haven't even really explained all of. i will get to it tho. maybe tomorrow. so anyways. yep. we both had busy, bitchy, tiring days.. weeks if ya wanna get technical. but we caved. it's been a few days since we fished, so we just had to. had to. so, off we went.

by the time we got there we only had like fifteen minutes of daylight left... and were immediately attacked by mobs of mosquitoes. and we both forgot to wear hats... which oftentimes keeps bugs out of your eyes... but not tonight..cuz we didn't have hats. it was really not a very fun fishing trip. we didn't take the boat, we just went to the pond. i have been having great luck over there lately.. well til the lawnmower man incident... and haven't been back since. so now here we were there at night, and couldn't see shit. (have i mentioned i despise bass fishing in the dark? well i do ) so anyhow, we did the best we could. hubby actually would have done pretty good, but the vision problem probably had a lot to do with why he missed so many fish. at least four ? it's just so hard whenya cant see the line or rod tip. then i missed one, felt like a good one.. but i just could not see anything. by the time it "felt" like i had him , and i went to set the hook... the damn line came flyin outta the pond. no fish this time tho. darn it. but.... here comes the kicker...
ther i was... trying to be patient, trying not be angry at the bugs, and the dark, and the lack of confidence in my night fishing abilities... i'm reeling in my line... i have a favorite bait of mine on , one that i have much luck with around here... i slow down, take my time, try to convince myself, it's all in the confidence level... etc etc... self talk, and hubbys advice fill my head, as i reel my line in. then all of the sudden, i feel a small tap on my line. i think hmmm. bas? perch?? snag??? wth/? i didn't feel it again, so i reel again. it feels a little heavier, but it isn't really fighting, not feeling like a fish. i think, hmmm, do i have a big clump of moss on here? what is on there? cuz of course.. it's dark, and yep. i can't freakin see!... so i quit tryin to stay slow and just brought the damn thing in... do you know what was on my line? do you have any clue what insane creature decided to attempt to eat a five inch worm??/ well, here.. let me help you... i will tell ya this much.. it was yet another first for me.. maybe even a last. i've never even heard of such a thing happening... take a look at this photo...

that is a five inch rubber worm, texas rigged, with a glass bead.
and what is it that was hungry enough to choose it for dinner? a freakin muscle. or clam. or oyster, or whatever different people call them things. but i have never in my life seen such a thing bite on a rubber worm, much less caught one. i must say it was quite an experience tho. maybe even a fish story of sorts. "i caught one this big!" . hubby had to pry his mouth open to get to hook out! geesh

oh well. i feel about like like a shell fish right about now. or a sloth. or a snail, or some other slow moving never wanting to move something.

CHECK OUT THESE PIX (post # 1200 for friday)

this truck is sooo freakin awesome ! it is a one of a kind original. the plate reads bass on! (which has been trademarked btw) and the truck has been named "Sir Bass A Lot"
it is just the coolest shit EVER! i wish i had one, i wish i would have thought of tHIS. how cool is this??? i know, y'all don't care. but i do.
ok.. next...

below, are the polarized sunglasses i got today.. a gift from my wonderful hubby....
they are called SOLAR BAT
therefore.... i really am BATMAN !!!!

(mine are mossback btw)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

nope, not a fish, not food, well at least not for US...

ok, picture it, there i am, early in the morning, like 530 a.m. sittin here on the computer k? see it? one light on, so pretty dim in the house. i see my cats, both of them, very interested in "something"... they continually play with it for like a half hour, maybe longer. to me, in the dim light, and with their shadows above "it"... i am thinking, perhaps it's a string. (this "thing" that is perhaps 1" long. or so. maybe 2 inches. so, i am too lazy to get up and investigate... but i keep looking at them, and try to focus my blind eyes on this "thing they are playing with so intently. finally, my curiosity gets the better of me, and i get up off my lard ass, and go see what "it" is. wanna know?? a baby gecko !!! a little tiny pink baby gecko. not only inside my house, who has sadly become a plaything for my cats... but he is also, dead. would my laziness have prevented his most untimely demise, had i got off my arse to investigate earlier? i will never know. but i did give him a decent burial into the trash can, away from any further torture from my evil kitty cats.

i attempted some photos, but there was too much reflection for a good picture. this is the only one that i could somewhat alter enough of the light out of to view. goodbye sweet gecko baby.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

humpday pt 2...

well, all that freakin work for nuthin. i'm sittin here now with a headache, from payin bills and messin with the budget etc... in order to prepare for the shopping hell for food, and school stuff. but... i finally get the kid out of bed, and guess what... she doesn't wanna go shopping!!! MY kid??? WTF!!! fine. first she says she doesn't want to go anywhere... but it's been planned... but also, she then, asks me to go get her chick-fil-a!??? NOT! also she wants a friend to come over today... maybe also NOT. ya know, it takes me hours, or even days sometimes to prepare myself to go shopping. sometimes to go anywhere at all. (except fishing :)) and now she decides at the last second..literally , that she wants to wait til friday to shop. well FINE. i'll just wait til friday to get food in the house too. that's just rude. dontcha think?
what i oughtta do is go out and buy myself a nice fat lunch, and leave her here with fruit loops!! but, i'm just not that cruel. dammit. i am however gonna cancel my day.
henceforth ... today is canceled in soul land. i am gonna eat something.. find something for the kid to eat... and i just might take a freakin nap. why am i so damn tired lately anyhow? all the time i'm tired. i hate bein tired forever!

happy happy humpday ! or harvey wallbanger day for those who drink .. CHEERS

i have a lot of comments to respond to, but i am in the middle of a bill paying frenzy... crossing my fingers that we will have enough left over to at least enjoy a little of what life has to offer over the next two weeks. wish me luck. i know that i already have to go dump a hundred bucks on school stuff, and another 100 to the gastro doc... no today is not a dr day... but they want their damned money before the colonoscopy. it's bad enough to pay a dr. but sooo much worse to pay one for something you have NO desire to even have done to you. oooohhhh scary. my biggest fear this time... waking up with a mile long camera stuck in my rear. OMG. he better drug me up good..or i will pre drug my own self before i go!!! ugh. that made my eye twitch!!!

doesn't look like i will be fishing today.. gotta go school shop..think i said that. y'all KNOW i'd rather go fishin! but oh well.. phase two of school stuff. then friday will be shoe day. oh i'm so fuckin thrilled. not.

ummm... what else? ummm well, perhaps i could fish tonight with hubby... but he's been kinda grumpy lately so i don't know. will surely tell you if we go tho. i know you love my fish!

hmmm.... i guess i will cruise blogland real quick and check up on my peeps... then i need to do all my other crap.. it is also grocery day... we are so mother hubbard here. y'all say prayers that i don't drop dead or beat someone up during my stinkin mall and wally hell excursions. i would almost rather die than go to either, but both in ONE day???? Lord help me!!!!

well, i must get going... if you see i've been to your place but didn't's just cuz i'm short on time..i will catch up with all that latah

i do hope EVERYBODY is doing good today.. seems to have been a tough few days all around.

anyways.. drink up or light up.. or whatever it is you do to do the happy dance!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i was harrased by the lawn mower man!!!

for real !
ok, fine, he was there before me, and he was just doing his job. but man i tell ya, i would bet money that he was enjoying himself as he ruined my fishing! i could tell by the way he smirked at me every so often..and also by when i finally decided to move to the opposite end of the pond.. to get away from his irritating mower noise... not to mention that the fish were also having a nervous breakdown, hiding somewhere else as well, and not biting for the first time in several days!
so i go over there.. and trust me.. it isn't a short jaunt. not hauling twenty pounds of crap and five rods. erg. so i go over there, and start to fish... and what happens? ten minutes later.. there he is! on his freakin loud mower.. smirking at me!! just ridin around in circles...taunting me!
one time he even rode up the sidewalk behind me. ugh. sometimes i wish i was a dude so i could just kick peoples ass at random when they piss me off!

but anyhow.. when i did get over there...before he came over.. i did get a fish, like on my third cast... but... it wasn't a bass... and it wasn't pretty. it was a catfish... and he ended up getting tangled in the line, so when i pulled him out he had a big hole in his belly, and like a gut sack hangin out!!! i thought of killing him..but he wasn't gushing blood, so i let him live. poor ugly fishy.
wanna see?

(you can just see how much i love to handle catfish, no?)

so anyhow... he bit me while i tried to unhook him, and with his guts hangin out, well i just thought it best to do him a favor... SO>>>>>

(i got my revenge on him AND the lawn mower man! and fatty here had a snack!)

not really... but i did leave.. there was just too much noise, and i knew i wasn't gonna have any here i am...doing what i do best...well..i am doing laundry and balancing my checkbook too... but other than that.. sittin on me arse, til ortho appointment.

have good days.. mine's lookin like monday came a day late, :(

Monday, August 20, 2007

yep... it's a monday

now THAT is a big bass

and so is THIS one... i think this one ate my dog !!!
but i didn't see her in there !

not too shabby for a monday mornin eh? i lost three! one was hooked and got off... the other two.. i shoulda had, but they bit my baits in half. :(( oh well. these were nice. but i was too lazy to weigh them. big fish tho.

anyhow... i came home.. straightened up the kitchen... the dishes are still waiting to be washed... but ... i think i shall go back to bed for a while ... i'm tiahd.
especially after two big ole kraut dogs! haven't had one in years. pretty good stuff.
ok..will catch up with y'all latah.

bullet proof back packs??? WTH

ya know, sometimes it gets really irritating when i wake up at 4 in the morning, for no reason. there are times that i can get back to sleep, but it's rare. today was one of the days that once i was up - i was up. the cats were locked IN my room, and the dogs were locked OUT of my room. it is usually the other way around...IF the door is shut at all. cuz the min pin likes to sleep with us, and midnight likes to sleep on the floor next to me..she always has. (for 12 years.) and as for the cats.. if they are trapped in there..they usually scratch stuff, pee on stuff, or get hair on my stackage of un put away clothes. because the litter box is , thank God, NOT in there.
SO, i wake up.. thinking to myself that i would just get all the animals in their rightful places, and go back to bed. ya right. i did get up.. i did let the cats out... found the dogs, and put them outside... checked on my daughter... because EVERY damn light in the house was ON...and her stereo was blastin out of her room. so i go in there... and there she is .. readin a magazine ! at 4 a.m !!! like a week before school starts! she's sposed to be gettin on some type of decent sleep schedule and there she is STILL awake at 4 a.m. ugh. i'm like WTH??? she says, dad said tonight was my last night to stay up late, and to take advantage of it. oh Lord. i'm like, i am positive he didn't mean til 4 in the morning! MOOOOOOM! oh no way. i was not about to get into that crap that early. i made her come out and feed the dogs. i made coffee. i knew it was all over with after all that. then she's out here feedin the dogs and says "you're stayin up"? oh man.. like it was ME that was doin somethin wrong. well.. i've told her twice since to go to sleep.. she's still readin. i still hear her music. and i just absolutely hate to start a day this way.

this isn't mentioning that she will now sleep til at minimum 4 pm... unless i force her grouchy self up by noon..which i should anyhow, or she will never level out onto a school schedule.
plus hubby is off work today. AND i have a million things to do today to get caught up on stuff i have been NOT doing in order to fish every day. it drives me insane when i ghave a lot of house work and things to do here, when every one else is here "doing nothing"... it just makes me want to "do nothing" even more"...or go fishing. then the house just gets even worse.

i'm so tired, but obviously my mind is in overdrive... already.

oh and to top all of this shit off... guess what the newest back to school item is? i just saw it on the news...
ywp... they have come out with a bullet and knife proof back pack... (book bag).. to protect our children from things such as columbine and VT.
geesh it sure makes me feel safe sending my kid back to school. NOT.

what the hell is our world coming to.??

Sunday, August 19, 2007

i have returned..

big fishy 1

big fishy 2

big fishy 3

(this one is a perch...a big perch)

i shall return

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sloth rescue

LOOK they made a video about me!

for once, my own advice wasn't so bad afterall... (Sat Pt 3)

as you all know... i said, screw it, and i went fishin! i do like the creek better than the pond, and i usually go there when i go by myself. but when hubby goes, he usually chooses the pond, and that is where we end up. but... yesterday, i went to the creek, and it was just way too muddy, and i had no luck at all, so today... i just went to the pond. and i was soooo glad i did. but, before i get into that... look at what i forgot to mention yesterday about what i saw at the creek... i got sooo mad. i meant to call the park people to see if it is even legal, and if not, if they will go remove it. but look at what i saw...

you can barely see it , but almost in the center across the water under the tree... is a TRAP... it's for the "muskrats".. they aren't really muskrats, they are "nutria" i prolly spelled that wrong because i have never heard of them. but someone has covered their hole that is off to the left there, where they live. i see them go in and out of there all the time. i have never seen those things go near anyone, much less hurt anyone. but when i was there, some guy came over and said he was checking the traps. i was already pissed cuz i had already figured out why it was there. i asked why he was trying to catch em, and he said cuz they bite the kids. i know thats BS.
so, ya, i need to call monday.. which will probably be too late. it just makes me mad. those things are one of the things that makes me smile over there, watching them swim around, and my girl likes them too. it's a city park, this guy was in a regular truck in regular has to be illegal for him to trap them..wouldn't ya think?

ok..anyhow..that's my rant for the day...
otherwise.. i DID go fishin earlier.. and look what happened....

cast one... fish one!

cast three or four , fish two! weighed this one...
2.2 pounds!
(texted hubby at work.. told him the fish were hittin)

obviously hubby showed up... and here is fish three... in less than one hour!
(didn't weigh him, but he's a good'n)

and here is fishy number 4.
not worth weighing obviously
and not counting the fish i missed
i had a very good fishin day
for the short time i was there.

hubby got three, and lost a nice one right there by me at the bank. he came right from work, in black pants and long sleeves... so we didn't stay long after he got there. pretty hot today.

so we came home.. ate some lunch... obviously i downloaded pix...and am posting them :))
and now.. i am getting off of this desktop, as it is killing my back, and i am now moving to my bed with my trusty continue catching up on my blogging duties. cuz i just feel like it.

some people call this HALT = hungry, angry, lonely tired

i call it.... well... the last couple days... BLAH (bitchy, lazy, asshole)
but apparently i am not alone... so perhaps, myself and the others in this same rut... rather than hang curtains and get comfortable there, should DO something about it??
i just don't know what that is at this point. other than neglect my duties as a ... whatever i am... and sleep!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

oh.. i almost forgot (TH pt 2)

NO, thank God, This is NOT my house. it IS the house directly across the street though. so, easily could have been mine. unless of course, it was someone who knew them, and targeted their house. theirs was the only one, at least on this street, that got it.

after the initial thought of "haha they got toilet papered"! (yes i am quite juvenile at times.) i then thought... holy crap (ha, skuze the pun).. oh man, what if they would've done my house? how in the hell would i clean that stuff off... i have never had to do that before, but i do imagine it is not an easy task.
then, i realized... oh my... i used to do that to people when i was younger! how thoughtless of me! haha. but anyhow... must be nice to be young and take risks like that.
but how it sucks to be old now, and fear the thought of one day having to somehow get toilet paper out of MY trees, when my own kid pisses off another.
ahhhh life. aint it great?

an oh,.... looks good huh?

oh, and how bout this???? would this be brave? or stupid?
bruschetta for breakfast! it was great goin down, but surely the reflux will be diasterous!

alrighty... here's some "not jailbait' for ya

here we have an aging, but still hot as hell Richard Gere

and next, a bit younger, and less modest Dennis Quaid

an older, but still quite hot Dennis Quaid

for you disco mammas, we have this guy. Hold Me BACK!!

and here; on the more real side of things, the true image , yet again, of a forty something guy... do we all have our guns at the ready??

and finally, for those of us who prefer NOT to shoot, or be shot... we have this hunk, after all, beauty IS only skin deep, right?

so.. lemmee know which YOU prefer.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my senile, the big D, and ants, and other misfortunes...

hiya peeps...

well, i obviously survived my trip to the VA in Dallas today.. but only barely. the driving part, the getting there and getting home without getting lost, is actually getting easier. i still bring a long a trusty printed Mapquest, that i refer to frequently on the road, but i manage to reach my destination. today the travel part went ok. but here is how it started :

first... i was messin around on the computer, thinking to myself that i had an 11 o'clock appointment. it had been scheduled for 730 a couple weeks ago, but one part of it got rescheduled for last week.. the lovely GYN part. ya, that one. so anyhow.. i have another scheduled for like the 27th .. and while i was printing my map, i had a flash of the reality of OH SHIT! my appointment WAS at 730.. and 11, and 2.... not real sure here, but i think it was already like 730 or 8, when i realized , damn, i'm late.

so... i go to get ready real quick.. and i go to my closet where i have a shelf where i keep t-shirts etc... i reach to get a shirt.. and they are ALL covered with freakin ANTS!! in my damn closet??? WHY??? so i grab em, and toss em in the tub and rin water on them.. get the ant spray, spray the remaining ants.. find a different shirt from a pile of clean laundry that was for once..luckily not put away yet.....*SIGH*

then, i grabbed all my crap, kissed my sleeping child goodbye, and hit the door runnin. and y'all just know how i love to be rushed, especially when i'm driving, and especially in freakin Dallas. and even moreso, when i have an ant infestation that i don't have time to do anything about! NOT. not any of it. also smack in the middle of morning rush hour...let's not forget that part. i hit some major traffic in one of the usual spots for that time of day., and decided i had better call and tell them i was gonna be late... umm , very late. so i did that. that took a little of the stress of the rushing off of me.. but i still felt real anxious , and every driver on the road pissed me off... and i almost rear ended one ass hat who decided that "now" would be the perfect time to stop his car .. for no freakin reason... in the "fast" lane. even though the fast lane was moving at a rapid clip of about 35-40 MPH. woo hoo. but ya.. i thought i was gonna hit that one..but i went to the left shoulder instead.. luckily nothing and noone was there. who teaches these people how to drive?

ok... so i finally get there... i drive through the parking lot for maybe five or ten minutes... there is NOWHERE to park. not even in the way far off places.. the lot is packed, and cars are still comin in. but none are goin out. so i ask the lot attendant guy about the "valet parking" they have in front... he says if you have a handicapped tag you can use it "but there's a line".... i shoulda taken that as a hint... but i figured a "line" was better than driving around for an hour gettin pissed off. well, i'm still not sure which woulda been worse, but the "line" was pretty bad. very bad in fact. when i got over there, i thought, hmm this isn't SO bad.. there was like five cars in front of me... so i sat there...and sat there...and sat there...and smoked a cig or two.. sitting there... ugh.
i shit you not, i sat there for no less than 45 damn minutes before i got to the front of the line. surely, i could have parked myself before then? not sure. but... i did finally get to my appointment... but obviously not the 730 one. i'll have to reschedule that one.. yippee.

so anyhow... the first one was a gastro eval, and some other basic physical questions/history.. addisons, migraines, stuff like that. that one didn't last very long, maybe half an hour , if that, and it wasn't horrible.

when that one was over, the doc says that i have a psyche eval at 2.. it was like 11 by the. i was like.. what am i supposed to do between now and 2 o'clock? (kinda bitchier than that though).
so he says he'll go see if the other doc can see me sooner. he came back, sent me out to wait, and i got called back maybe another half hour or so later. much better than three hours!

sooo, i get back there and the first thing he wants me to do is the "mental cracker test".. it's called the MMPI. it has like 300 questions on it, and good lord they are stupid. i don't know what it proves, or disproves.. but number one will be one question... you get to number twelve and it's the same damn thing..only worded differently. i took one before, on active duty... but i lied my ass off. this time i didn't lie. i wonder if they'll lock me up?
that damn test took over an hour.. at least. not real sure. but, after i was done.. another twenty minutes pass, and he calls me into his office. then come all the questions. picking my brain. i went in on the defensive.. expecting it. so i didn'''t cry or anything , but one time i did kinda say really bitchy and with motion... "i don't keep a log book of this shit!!"
he kinda flinched. then agreed that he didn't think i should.
hmmm.. i think i kinda scared him a little though.
i don't like when people are scared of me. but oh well. those dumbasses shouldn't be so damn cold and invasive.

anyhow.. that shit went on for a while... i think i hit the exit door by 1:00. got home about 2:30, maybe a bit earlier. but by then i was totally wiped out. i had a few things i needed to do before coming home, but blew them off cuz my kid called thinking the dog was having a heat stroke..which i got her calmed down about but still needed to see, i hurt, and was tired and i just wanted to get home. so i did.

i got home, i checked on the kid, and the dog, and i ate, and i fed my kid and i went to sleep at like 3 ish. i slept til 5 something.

now, here i am... bbut now i'm gone.. cuz i'm roasting, and need to ask hubby if we have another a/c filter.

alright... let's be realistic, shall we?

ok, a couple of my pals thing the fireman is a bit too young for us ole ladies to be eyeballin...sooo... i decided... hmmm. what does the real 40 to 50 somethin year old modern dude actually look like these days? so, after a little lookin around, i found one. this guy tells it like it is. the true real Y2K man ! a man for the over 45 gals .... ENJOY!

happy happy humpday

it's early... but actually, for me, i have been sleeping in the last couple mornings. i'm usually up by 5 , if not sooner. but i have been staying up later too, maybe that has something to do with it. regardless, i don't like it.. cuz i miss talking to my early bird peeps in the mornin.
i might still be sleeping right now, but i had some kind of "dream".. in it.. i didn't really "see" anything... and it was like i was awake, and laying in bed in the dark. well, that's what made it feel real... because that is exactly what i was doing. but all of the sudden, i hear "someone" or " one of the animals"... puking! it seemed SO real... that my first thought was ... my kid !!! so i jump up out of bed and rush all the way across the house to check on her. it was 555 a.m. hmmm. i get to her room.. she was of course sound asleep. then i made sure all the animals were ok and accounted for. they were. i put the dogs out, and made coffee. i already knew hubby was ok.. cuz he was right next to me, and doin just fine ... snoozin away. no pukin goin on there.
well, actually, there was no pukin goin on anywhere. what a weird freakin "dream".

so anyhow.. obviously.. i was up for the day after that.
now i'm doin the smoke and choke. i made some really shitty coffee today. i usually make it good. today it tastes like piss water. not that i've ever drank piss water, but i imagine it tastes something like this. so. ya. not good.

anyhow.. today is yet another day that will be spent at the VA hospital in my favorite place... DAllas TX. NOT. last time, admittedly, God smiled on me, and aside from spilling a giant cup of coffee on my car floor..which i STILL haven't even cleaned up, much less attempted to clean up... don't even scold me for it, i know i'm's f'n HOT out there. anyways.. ya, aside from coffee spillage, it didn't go too terrible that day out there.... even the driving part. so, please pray that i don't get lost, or hassled there today!
it's gonna be a long one though... i will prolly be there like 10-well..who knows when? 2? if i'm lucky. then another hour-hour and a half to get home. and y'all know what'll happen when i get back here.... BED!

hmmm... i guess that is about it for now. i'm already a stressed mess anticipating the horrors of traffic and drs...etc. so i reckon i shall go for now. will check in and make my rounds when i get back.