Saturday, June 30, 2007


happy saturday y'all.
well, actually, how happy can ya be at 5 a.m on a saturday? but i'm not doin too awful bad, really. hope you aren't either. but tell me, why is it always a day i don't "have" to get up early, that i DO. erg.

ok. apparently, i have been ordered...again, in a polite way... if being called a "posting slacker " is polite... it is... to update. it's nice to missed! even though i have been keeping up in the comment section of my below post. unlike some other people i know. ehem! BUT... others have done real well. AND have assisted me in finding a new.. yes ANOTHER.. new name for my blog.
soon, it shall be called


i can only hope that there isn't one already out there. that would pretty much suck . so don't stop yet with the suggestions, etc on the below post...
and also...if you haven't seen them all yet... read the comments... there are some great funny ones. especially OLDYS!

( Obviously... i have already changed the title, and my screen name...but still, if you haven't read all the suggestions and comments on the name change post below , you should...good humor to be found there!)

alrighty then....movin on to the "update':

oh... i could start with... yesterday..was the LAST day of summer school ! woo hoo! the kid made consistent +90's each week on her progress reports !!!! and swears, it will never happen again. she obviously hated it, but she did work hard, and it gave her a reason to get out of it was good. but, now that it's over... what am i gonna do with her? she must get some motivation goin. good gosh. i need a cattle prod !

ok, next... yesterday, we also had quite a break in the rain...of course we had a little early... and a lot in late afternoon and evening... but in between... we took the boat out and went fishing. seize the day, ya know! the "new" truck pulled beautifully! yippee ! although.... it was miserably HOT and HUMID out there. we fished for hours, and apparently over an hour longer than we should have. we were both sickly hot by the time we left. the fish weren't very active either. hubby got like four, but only one good one. maybe a bit over two pounds or so. the others were quite small. he got one baby spotted bass, that was soooo adorable, he succumbed to a photo! he's such a good sport!

DAMN.. it looks even SMALLER with HIM holding it! (do you like his new haircut? )

as for me... i didn't catch a single fish. not even a baby. i was very disappointed. but ya know, i have NEVER, in like six years had much luck on that particular lake. hubby does pretty good there...but i never have! not sure why. my luck is at the creek. i have never done as well as i do at that creek! but... the flooding has really turned the fish off there. i don't know when the fishing will get good there again. i had some good fishing luck in kansas...i got some real nice ones there... but i would NEVER live there again.

ok...anyhow... ya, i didn't catch anything but a sunburn yesterday. hubby got burnt too. but at least he got fish! so... i finally had sort of quit fishing for a while..i sat down..and just watched maybe for half hour, then finally told him, i am really getting heat sick here. he said, why didn't you say something? i said, i didn't wanna ruin your fun. he said MY fun?! he had also been miserable for over an hour. LOL... always thinking of the other. i told him...we need to stop being so considerate out here...if you ever got sick out here, i would NEVER find our way back to the ramp! he only laughed at me... but i was damned serious! i can't find my way places in my car! how the hell am i supposed to find the freakin boat ramp if he's passed out or something???? so... we decided we'd better get a flair gun! LOL.
so anyhow, we didn't waste anymore time to get goin. we were miserable. i splashed lake water on my face, and soaked my hat in the water to cool off some. it felt good for a while...but it didn't smell too good.
then we get to the ramp... and what starts pouring rain. we got out of there just in time! phew.

ok.. fast forward. we get home. we come inside to cool off, relax , recover, talk to the girl etc... ordered pizza..oh yum, y'all know how much i love pizza. NOT. so, after we eat... we go to unload and get the boat off the street and into the driveway. that shouldn't be a problem right? at the time, it had stopped raining. BUT... wouldn't ya know it... (family curse comes into play here)...
we get out there... i guide hubby in as he backs the boat into the driveway... no problemo there. BUT.... he goes to unlock the "brand new trailer lock"... and what happens? not only does the sky open up... and lightening begins to go off like a firework show... of course with very loud and close thunder! he CANNOT find the the brand new lock. the 8.00 lock he bought at the store with the hitch ball THAT morning! so there i am... sitting in the truck... half way into traffic.. not heavy's a residential street, but a lot of cars do go down once in a while. so, i'm sittin there IN the truck, in the pouring rain and lightning... just waiting to get hit by a damn car! we are only the second house from the corner... it wouldn't be so hard for a car to not be focussed on a situation like that in time. we had already looked EVERYWHERE for the keys...NOWHERE to be found. so i look in the mirror... and hubby is in the garage... LAUGHING at me! UGH. i sat there another five or ten minutes, and decided after about three or four cars drove by... fearing for my safety and theirs... i got out of the truck into the POURING rain....and lightning.... and i weren't none too happy about any of this. if he wasn't laughing, i may have handled it better. but i went crazy lady on him. and told him...that i was NOT gonna sit in the middle of the street anymore just to be hit by a f'n car, while he stood there laughing at me!
i shoulda kept my mouth shut... because after that... he stopped laughing alright. :((
and told me he wasn't gonna go out there and get struck by lightning to cut the lock off !
understandable. but that isn't what i expected either. i told him... just park the rig back onto the street til it stops raining! your gonna cause a wreck like this! so we end up in an argument over all this crap. we're both sunburnt, exhausted, wet, cold, and now trying to figure out how to cut a damn NEW lock off the boat trailer. how friggin fun. so, you can just imagine...
anyhow... the keys never did get found... he did manage to cut the lock...and we did, eventually stop bitching about who had the worst end of that deal. me afraid of being hit by a car...or him afraid of being struck by lightning...both in a storm, wet, tired, sunburnt, and angry over lost keys, and a new lock! UGH.
yep... that was a great way to spend an hour of my life!
but, as usual, we got over it, and i'm sure we will live to see tomorrow. we really are pretty child like when we argue. i wish i could see it from the outside looking in. LOL. but in a way it's good. sometimes. sometimes i think we need a good blowout, to just let it all out... but we consider the others feelings too much, and both HATE conflict so much... it makes for a difficult way to argue. oh well. i guess we're lucky that way. to an extent.
other than all that stuff... i accomplished NADA in my pig sty ... it has been totally neglected for a week straight... other than random picking up here and there. i have soooo much to do today. and that includes wally hell. we have been getting to go food for a whole week... i hate it when we do that, but we;ve been so busy with the truck search... and behind on dishes, etc. i am at the point the past two days... i don't even have anything to cook in or eat off of. what a nightmare.

there. i think i am now caught up. although i'm sure i left something out, it will come to me later...if i A0get caught up on my crap... or B) give up on my crap.

i am in dire need of all my cleaning fairies... but josie kidnapped my dish fairie! someone go get him!!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turning

well, i figured i'd title this with a little song of the day for you. at least it's a good one. unlike some other bloggers i know. ehem ! :))

anyhow, it kinda goes with the wheels in my mind that are turning at the moment.
i have actually not been totally comfortable with the "new" title of my blog since i changed it a while ago. and, well, recently one of my blog buddies, has suggested... actually more than once... that i change the title to

"Heart And Soul".......

there are a couple reasons for this...

1. Queen Earlene.. refers to my mother... I, am the "finest" part.

2. people think that I am the Queen Earlene Part.. and sometimes call me that in comments etc.... which for reasons, some undisclosed on these pages as of yet... i don't enjoy...and i always correct the error as quickly as possible.

3.. and to repeat myself... it just doesn't feel right to me. it really hasn't since i made the change. maybe because she's dead... maybe because... i just don't know.

4. i'm also trying to move away from the mange part of "soulmange" ... it's still my online name i guess...but more often than not... is shortened to soul... except when i'm logged in...and just occurred to me that i can change THAT too.

so anyhow... i am on the verge of a title change yet again... but have decided to let y'all help me this time.
below are a few ideas... to include the one suggested... now y'all just let me know which you like better.... or suggest your own... and we shall go from there...and majority shall rule.

heart and soul

my gypsy soul

ok... i've drawn a blank... throw some suggestions...or cast your vote now.

NOTE: if anybody needs a good laugh.. read the comments and see OLDY"S... i almost fell out of bed laughing ! she had like twenty suggestions... all hysterical ! (some inside jokes, but some are GREAT!) go see.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am just a blogging fool today! # 3? for wednesday

anyhow... i, apparently have been believing a LIE, for many many years. my mother told me YEARS ago.. like when i was 13 or so.. when we were traveling , and her back went out.. i was forced to drive. talk about PRESSURE! but during her, ten minute driving lesson, with me at the wheel, for the first time, on a Utah higway, in the dark ... she did inform me of a little tid bit of apparently a myth...and not a fact! but i have beleived and passed on this info many many times over the years. this being... that driving a car barefooted is illegal.
well, i just challenged my hubby with this info, as he was leaving to take the kid to school...barefooted. he of course... informed me..that I had been misinformed.
so... me being the type i am.. i must be RIGHT... but so must HE... so we are in a little "who's right" thing. so i googled it while he was gone...
here's what i found

American States

Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted. Exception: motorcycle rider.

Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted but not recommended.

Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is not prohibited.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming:
Barefoot Driving: Operation of a motor vehicle by a driver with bare feet is permitted.

well... now i must inform him... that A) i was misinformed... or B) i am wr... wr... wrong. yukky. :((

Saturday, June 23, 2007

wedding day memories

ola peeps...

yep... that would be me... very close to fifteen years ago ! july 1st 1992 to be exact. my wedding day. i actually haven't changed a whole lot , appearance wise. except, i had some pretty nice legs there eh? LOL
NOT anymore. afterall... they are 41 years old now. life is hard for us old people.

anyhow... you may be wondering why THAT picture? WHY now? well... the thing is... as i was blog traveling yesterday, i came across a "sickeningly" sweet post about a blog pals' eleventh anniversary. ( i honestly mean that in a good way!)
she mentioned her wedding day... how she was pre wedding dress clothed... in sweat pants etc. when she unexpectedly ran into her husband to be. she was embarrassed for him to see her looking like that on their wedding day... yet he told her she was beautiful. he meant it, she knew he meant it... and she knew that marrying him was right... even through the butterflies and doubt.
therefore, it brought me back to my own wedding day. i had always been so careful... or perhaps even afraid, when it came to men and long term relationships or commitment. argh... huge word. a life time? OMG. nothing in my life had been permanent by that time in my life. NOTHING ... not even my first child. GOD how would i marry someone...and stay that way? i was petrified... but at the same time... i knew that he was "the one".
so anyhow, when she mentioned how she was dressed, and how he felt, and viewed her in his matter how she felt..or how anyone else may have felt about how she looked... she was his beautiful bride... the woman he would spend his life with. and her little story just made me think of how i was dressed, and how fun it all was, and how in love i was... and how hubby said i was beautiful.... even when i came home from working on aircraft engines, covered in grease and sweat.... he loved me...and i knew it. and here we are a week away from the big 15! holy cow.

(ps: i have made my rounds, and all my comments are updated...woo hoo!)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good CharLotte - thank you mom

This is the video that goes to the song my daughter "dedicated" to me... posted yesterday. ,make it easy on yourself and just watch the video :))

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

WOW pennies from heaven aren't always cash (wed pt 2)

man... ya just never know when your kid will surprise you, do ya? here i was, blogging...not too kindly either, about my kid half the morning. then out of the blue... i'm in my room, on my laptop..messin around with my sises real estate girl was in the living room on the big computer...and i get this email... from HER! "hmmmmm". i say. she never emails me. well, ok. she rarely emails me. so, i open it... and it's a link.. so i go there.... and i find this....

go there...and make sure your sound is on. (i will put the lyrics below the link.)

(Thank You Mom By Good Charlotte : Lyrics)

I'm sitting here I'm thinking back to a time when I was young...
My memory, is clear as day
I'm listening to the dishes clink, you were downstairs, you would sing
Songs of praise
And all the times we laughed with you, and all the times that you stayed true to us
Now we say...
I said I thank you, I'll always thank you
More than you could know, than I could ever show
And I love you, I'll always love you
There's nothing I won't do, to say these words to you
That you're beautiful forever
You were my mom, you were my dad, the only thing I ever had was you, it's true
And even when the times got hard, you were there to let us know...that we'd get through
You showed me how to be a man, you taught me how to understand the things, people do
You showed me how to love my God, you taught me that not everyone knows the truth
And I thank you, I'll always thank you
More than you could know, than I could ever show
And I love you, I'll always love you
There's nothing I won't do, to say these words to you
That you will live forever

random crap of the day

well hellooooo.....

apparently, my seester did not appreciate the seester poem. LOL she had nothing to say about it. i really thought she would find the humor in it. guess i was wrong. it really wasn't personal. even though i was getting pissed that she was ignoring me again. ya, i see where i stand in her life. ha.

so anyways. i survived the morning summer school fiasco...yet again. mornings aren't really that bad that often around here anymore. not like during the school year when EVERY morning was HELL. but there are a few here and there that make me want to pull my hair out. today was one of those. but we lived.
i dropped her off at school, and really just didn't feel like coming back home for such a short time. i mean really, that is just long enough to get in the middle of something and have to stop to go pick her up. it only frustrates me further. so this morning, i dropped her off, and drove by the creek. they really did a hell of a job cleaning up over there. it looks real good. kinda different than it used to. but it looks nice. and the ducks etc aren't all scared anymore, like they were the other day. they were like normal...not running away from me, just kinda hangin out etc. so that was a good sign. i walked all up and down the bank, and was looking for any sign of dead or live fish etc. well... i think the bass are ok. phew. i saw a ton of bait fish...well, not the fish...the water is still very muddy...but there were lots of ripples etc...and well, i did see several minnows close up at the bank. i saw one small fish actually flip out of the water..i think it was a perch...maybe runnin from a bass ! woo hoo! there were lots of turtles swimming around too. the water is quite high, but i think it's gonna be ok. i wanted to go back and fish a little to see if the fish would hit anything after i picked up the child...but by the time i got her, and got home...well, i just felt kinda lazy. i had a rough night last night...hardly any sleep, and a rough morning getting her motivated etc. i could already take a nap ! i also have a lot of business crap to take care of. i need to make a doctor appt that i have been putting off for months. i don't even want to deal with it...or add another med to my already massive daily dose. ugh. but ya. i need to get something from a doc to give VA about my back and addisons etc...but also...this stomach stuff... ithink it's getting worse than i thought. i'm beginning to have dizzy spells etc again. aside from the pain. the last time that happened, they found bleeding ulcers. GAREAT. NO, i haven't told hubby. or anyone. so whoever reads this ... MUMS the word. i will get to the doc. y'all know how hubby worries...and nags. LOL.
so ya. i go thangs ta do. and they aren't fun things.
oh...also, hubby found a buyer for his truck yesterday....bad part...the kid (17) doesn't know how to drive a stick! so what does that mean? it means we have to deliver it tonight. grrrrrrrrrr. just what i had in mind for my evening. shit. he...hubby...being the type of guy that he is...volunteered to teach this kid how to drive the damn thing !!! no... that doesn't bother me... in fact, it makes me pretty proud of him for being such a nice guy. the thing is... gas costs three bucks a gallon...the kid lives like i don't know...40 miles one way from here.......... hellooooooo. how bout askin for a few bucks??? oh well. random acts of kindness i reckon. so it's all good.
so anyhow. ya. the truck is sold. and i have to drive to who knows where to pick him up after he drops the truck off. hm. fun fun. AND.... there's no tellin how long it will take him to find another that he likes, that he can afford...HOPEFULLY with A/C..that will pull the boat, and not use a thousand gallons of gas to go to the lake.
who has a truck for sale? anybody?
ok........... what else....
oh...wanna see a pic of the creek from this morning? looks much better than the other day...muddy, but bettah....

(click me)

now, doesn't that look like there might be a hungry bass or two lurking in there??? hmmm.
i wanna GO! should i put off what needs to be done today...until the infamous "tomorrow"...that never comes???? nah. but tomorrow... THAT is where i WILL be ! armed and dangerous. IF it isn't raining of course.

ok... i gotta get off my arse, and get some real stuff taken care of.
i'll be back latah. try not to miss me. ya right.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i'm so bored i could hang myself

oh, get a grip, not for real. it was just the first thing i thought of. so i wrote it. but really i am so bored i'm goin out of my skin. i haven't been fishin in two tellin how many more i will have to go before the water clears up...... and even then IF i go, the fish may take days or weeks to start bitin again... IF they haven't been killed in the flood. UGH.
what will i do with myself???
here we are with brand new fish scales, and no fish to weigh. that's thrilling.
Plus...i just spent fifty bucks today to renew the registration on the boat. woo hoo. no sense in taking it on a stained, flooded , dead fish lake though, is there?
all the shows i like to watch on tv, are over. such as the sopranos, survivor, the apprentice, american idol...which sucked ass this year anyhow. there's supposedly a new pirate show on, but i have no clue when it comes on and haven't even seen one episode. soooo. hmmm.
and as far as blockbuster, they get like two new releases a week anymore...and THEY suck ass too!
today "the bridge to tarabithia" came out. i wanted to rent that...but i got there at like 11, they were ALL gone already. the girl said they were all gone in less than ten minutes !!!! good movie apparently....but i didn't get to get it. i ended up with one i've never heard of, and another that's like eight years old that i've seen twelve times that my kid asked for... "uptown girls"... UGH. does the watching the same movie a hundred and fifty times EVER END with kids? GAWD.
so anyhow. hubby is selling his car...AND his truck. anyone want one? he wants a different truck...this one doesn't pull the boat good enough. as for the car...he doesn't need two vehicles...and i must have this damned oral cyst removed before i go insane. it is getting more and more painful. and as i overdose on asperin, my stomach problems only worsen...and it is all a bad chain of events.
so... if you want to buy or sell a vehicle..lemmee know.
and...what else?
not a damn thing.
good bye
for now

on a lighter note . . .

here is a little poem that hubby came across, i thought i would share it with you:

(you have to read this with a spanish accent, for the full effect)

My seester is no bueno.
She ate up all my beans.
I say to her much cuss words,
But she don't know what it means.

So I choke her why she sleeping,
Put her in a garbage sack.
Then I throw her in the reever
And I hope she don't come back!

Seester, seester, why you eat my beans?
It really made me mad because they are my favorite things.
Seester, seester, I hope you do not float.
I hope nobody find you when they driving in their boat!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mother Nature Is A Bitch!

if anyone has read my first post of the day...and the comments section, y'all know already that my day began rough , as it was.
BUT... while i was out, finally running my errands for the day...and already in a rather pissy mood...and hungry. i had been too busy to eat at that point. in fact i just now sat down with a delicious "cup a soup"...YUM. but even though i am starving...i must post this real quick first.
anyhow... yes josie .. a meatball sub would have been delightful...but you will soon see why it didn't even cross my mind to go there while i was out....
ready? (click any photo to enlarge)

(soul sneaks a quick bite of her yummy ramen)

ok.... i'm out runnin errands...banks PO box etc... so the Post Office is near the creek... yes the one i catch all my big bass at... not the pond where monstah boy came from, but they're not far from each other.... so i'm actually on my way to the post office.... when all of the sudden everything around me instantly turned to total destruction !!!! no shit ! i called hubby, to have him google the town i was in to see if there had been a tornado last night that we didn't hear about. he did, and said there was no news at all about it. interesting.
because LOOK...

THIS is my creek !!!! my haven. God i hope the fish are ok. there was a family there while i was taking pictures... throwing big ole muscles off the bank back into the creek..LOTS of them ! i did see several live turtles swimming around... but maaan, i'm worried about the fish.

above is my fishin spot ! see how high the water got, where the grass is all laid down?

This is also my spot.. right at the bend in the creek. THAT POLE on the ground... it did not come from the pole it lies next to. i have NO idea where it came from. it's just "there".

this one above here, is just a little bit from the bend... this is where i caught my first big bass at this creek... look at that tree. there WAS also a birdhouse there nearby.. a tall red one.. the pole remains.. bent over almost to the ground... i think either someone stole the birdhouse...or it got washed away.

this is the entrance...obviously. the pavement is destroyed...and do you see the guard rail at the end? water did that. this was all FLOOD damage. not a tornado....or wind. just the fury of water ! 8 inches of rain in one hour...according to a lady i talked to.

that wooden "plank".. or "bridge" there... no clue where it came from.. i've never seen it before !

there's a better shot...

geesh. well... i didn't see any dead fish... but it doesn't mean it didn't happen. i sure hope NOT.

these pics below are about half a mile down the street....

that is a NEW pickup in the great circle i drew...that got washed into the creek in these peoples' yard !!!!!

and below... look at all the grass and debris on that bridge! THAT is how high the water got !

just imagine if we were out there fishing when all this happened. crap!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

OK... tat for tat


josie at picking up pieces, challenged me to show my tats...she posted hers on her blog... therefore, i had to stick to my end of the, here ya go:

here they are, in all their unshaven glory!

take a wild guess which one was done in the Philipines! , my legs aren't shaped that way...i cropped as much as possible off ! (for the sake of viewing pleasure)
now i shall sleep.
btw...go see josies...they are kool. she's linked on the right under places i wander.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

OH MY GAWD !!!!!!

(scroll down)

hubby caught this big dude tonight at the pond. he's a monstah !!!!

eh-hem !

looky, it's the bass massta rassta !!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

oh, what a boring web we weave

ola peoples,
what kinda friday are you havin? here? all work and no play. but i did of course have my nap ! i couldn't dare go without that.
anyways, today was payday...woohoo. which also made it, bill pay day... boo hoo. so, that's how my day started.... juggling the budget, paying the bills, 9hubby went in to work late and is coming home late so he took the kid to school) so after i picked her up from school, we had the pleasure of going to my favorite place in the world... yep. wally hell. it's been quite a while since my daughter has joined me on an actual big grocery day trip to wally hell. she had forgotten that it really is hell. she behaved well though. we didn't argue at all, and for that i was extremely grateful! she also didn't ask for everything under the roof...close, but she understood, that daddy day is gonna take some duckets from our bucket, so she was pretty mellow about the hand out thing. you go girl!
so anyhow, she even offered...and help me push the cart when i began to struggle with it. (as hubby wasn't there this time.. *POUT*) .. but it didn't take her long to realize that i wasn't just a whining old frail weak person... that damn cart really was heavy! ...and at that point we were only half way done ! so anyhow, she was actually a pretty handy little helper. she would get stuff off the bottom shelf for me or heavier items to put in the cart. i was very impressed. six months ago... wouldn't have happened. we'da walked in, she'da headed to the CD's, and i woulda had to search for her and either argue til she put whichever cd she thought she was getting back... or give in and buy it. i just can't believe the changes in this kid in just the passed three weeks even. right before my eyes. Thank You God !
ok, so anyhow. we get to the check-out... she says...

"*SIGH* my Gawd, this was the longest trip i've ever had to wal mart ! "
LOL she was so worn out and miserable. my shopping queen? i was like, welcome to MY world ! now you know why i hate to come here, it's hell ! "i know".
it was great ! and the best part? i enjoyed her being there. i usually try to sneak out when she's sleeping, or gone, so i don't have to fight with her over the i wants or the disappearing act or whatever. this time, it was pretty cool. she's growin up. damn.

ok... so, i paid bills, went shopping, came home...only unloaded...she even helped unload the car !!!! but we only unloaded half the stuff...left the non perishables in the trunk for hubby to deal with. we were too tired. then we got that put up, ate something, watched some tv....couldn't tell ya what, cuz i was in a bill slash shopping day coma by then, and shortly there after, i was asleep. and now, i am awake. and i am bored outtah my evah luvin mind. and i am hungry . and i do not feel like cooking. hubby won't be home til like 8. surely he will eat on the road. it's been rainy and drab outside all day... so no fishin. only half of me feels like fishing anyways though. but the other half wants to do "something"... fish, hmm i guess that's all i do. so ya. if it wasn't all wet out, i might go fishin.

oh crap... that just reminded me!!!! my daughter has discovered that she still likes to fish !!!! it is so kool. in fact, it is the coolest thing ever. a few nights ago, i wanted to go fishing. hubby didn't really want to go, and attempted to use her as an excuse to not go. saying "your daughter needs us to stay home" etc. so anyhow, i said something along the lines of .. well, i'm gonna go, you guys can stay here. i don't know what i said. but he decides... come on, we're going fishing. OMG. you would not believe the fit that kid had. we have not MADE her go fishing in years. she whined and bitched for fifteen constant minutes !!! actually more.. maybe 20 or so. UNTIL... we got to our fishin spot... and guess what was in the water? the muskrats !!! well, she just grinned from ear to ear. then she started chasing the ducks, and then she fed them some bread. then... she started fishing with a crappie rod we brought for her.... girl? woo hoo. THEN.... she started catching fish! and liking it !!!!! she was having such a great time! she even ASKED to go back the next day! i took her after school, but i was in a crappy mood, and it was hot, and we both got bored pretty quick , she missed a couple fish, i only got one small bass, and no other bites, so as soon as she said.. can we go... i jumped on it. sure, lets go.
but i can't believe it. just wait til she catches one of those big ole bass. she'll be hooked forever. i hope i can get her to go with me on monday after school.

so anyhow... that's my update in a nutshell.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

hats bass and photo taking cops

hiya folks!

the only hat i haven't fished in yet, is the "B" one. and for the life of me, i cannot remember if that is for Boston, or Da Bears! ummm...never been big on baseball, but if y'all know..tell me, cuz if it's Boston... it shall be my next hat to fish in! (my dad was from Boston).
the sea ray hat, was lucky at the creek yesterday...BUT on the boat, it did NO good at all. the kelly hat was lucky...but hubby wore it yesterday for a i have to let the jynx wear off before i try that one again. yes i know..he thought i was nuts too! uh, well, i AM NUTS!
soooo, the hat O' the day today???? my blue lear jet/bombardier hat... was it lucky? YUP!!! i slayed them this mornin!.... slayed em! some big, some small...some short strikes, but i was gettin hit aftah hit! what a morning!

my first cast, with a buzz bait, was a short strike, so i missed it. i could tell it was nice, he blew up on it...but i missed him. a few more casts, and one more short strike later.... i slowed down the retrieve and, well....nice fish.

well, after that, and a few more casts, with no more strikes, i decided it was time to switch to the drop shot.... and .... well... say hello to my other little friend... actually, he's not so little...he is as wide as my shoulders! a little skinny, but nice. and he fought hard...and my drag was i was very lucky to get him in. the drag was squealing so loud a bicycle cop came over to see just what i caught. well... being the crappy self photographer that i am... would you believe that i asked him to take my picture? ! LOL. and he did! he didn't even ask for my fishin license. ha! perhaps he was distracted by my skillz. :)
so.... i did get a little perch a few casts later, but it just wasn't worth the effort to take a pic, so i just tossed him back in, and threw out again. and guess what i got... i swear... not only have i never SEEN a bass this size... i surely have never CAUGHT one! yes... it IS a BASS...(at least i'm pretty sure he was).. he has been moved to a video.

Monday, June 11, 2007

ahh she purred like a kitten

no, unfortunately, i do not speak of myself here. :))
but , we did get the boat on the lake...finally. hubby gets the master kudos !!!!! that boat ran, and sounded better than i remember it ever sounding. and it was soooo great to just be runnin fast on the water, with the cool breeze blowin in my face, and a little water spray action goin. it was mahvalous !!!
we ran the motor out for a while, then of course we fished. and fished. and fished some more. but... i got skunked. i had a few hits...but none got hooked, or to the boat. for me at least. hubby caught two. one bass and one perch. i didn't take a pic of the bass...i just figured he'd get a better one later...unfortunately he did not. he missed a few too. oh wait... he did get another bass...just as we were leaving, about to load the boat, he tossed a buzz bait out a few times and did get a decent bass. (but by then it was too dark to take a pic) .the perch he caught was cute. i did take a pic of him with it, but i haven't downloaded it yet, and at this point am too exhausted to mess with it, but will get it on here tomorrow.
so anyhow... i guess my luck is still at the creek. i'm sure the more i fish off the boat the better i will do, it's just a different type of fishing out there...and i am on the back, which always makes it tougher. so we shall see what happens next time.
anyhow... aagain, it was sooo great to be on out boat. and even better that hubby fixed it all for probably under a hundred bucks. a boat mechanic... i just have no clue what they would have charged, but it woulda been a LOTTTTTT.
so. that's that. hubby got three...i got none. but... i'll get me one at the creek tomorrow !!! i know there's still a five pounder in there... with my name on it. just watch and see .

ok.... enough about fishin for a minute. i have to have my little sopranos rant now. it sucked ass !!!! and we are canceling HBO !!! we have had and paid for hbo, for all these years...just to watch the freakin sopranos. it sure wasn't for their great selection of fifteen year old movies !!! geesh. who saw it? did anyone watch the big finale? people have invested like 8 years into that show...and they end it with a cable malfunction? 9 out of ten included...thought my cable went out! gawsh. i am soooo mad. they just left it all up to each individual interpretation. i thought... since meadow couldn't park the damn car...the scene that took like five minutes...good lord girl...park somewhere daddy soprano on the cell to come park for you...apparently brilliant meadow...dr/lawyer to be, can't park...or think ! so anyhow... wtf happened? a silent black screen for an ending.???? to a 7 or 8 year long series. i could gag. or choke someone.
anyhow... my ending...meadow was late coming in, so she was "saved'...but walked in to find the rest of her family "whacked " with a mouthfull of onion rings. that's just great. but who shot them...or T? wtf. never again. i will never again get caught up in one of these stupid night time soaps again. especially mob shows. they never have been a favorite... but i somehow get sucked into this one.... only to be dropped on my pissed off ass.
ps...i'm done...but...ya know, i think i just may muster the strength to go get that camera and post hubby with his baby perch! he'll hate me for it. he didn't want to let me take the pic afraid his fishin buddies might see it. but he was a good sport, and let me take the shot... so hold on and i shall go post it.
i shall return.
here i am, i am back... and i bring you.....hubby's fine fine beauty fish!!!

aren't they sweet!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

another tiny bass day

well, is it the hat? is it the shoes? or is it the weather? or, could it unfortunately be the fisher-person? ;))

cuz this last couple days has been really crappy, as far as fishin goes. maybe it's just too hot. i know it's almost too hot for me o go anymore. good lord, i think i'm just gonna keel over out there one day. well, obviously, what i'm headin towards, is the bass just aren't bitin this last couple of days. the tiny ones are, and of course the perch are. but whatever happened to my big old fishies??? i was waitin for my five pounder any day. then they just turned off like a dang light. but at least i got a couple today. and of course i missed a couple. didn't lose them...missed em. bummer huh. anyhow. i only took one pic... just to show the hat o' the day... and also the fishy. but he isn't big at all. right after i got him i got another one... it was a bass, but man it was small. i was hoping nobody saw it. LOL. they were fun to catch. they both felt big...but were obviously not.
so ayhow... i finally gave up on my addictive nature, and headed home. ended up stopping at mcdonalds for everyone forst. cuz i knew i wasn't gonna last long after getting home. in fact, i am falling asleep right now.
sooo...more later maybe

(photo moved to bass video)

Saturday, June 9, 2007

there's someone watchin out for us!

well, i didn't have to wake hubby up this morning, he got up shortly after i finished my earlier post. so i gave him a chance to wake up, and we went fishing for a while. we didn't stay very long, it was hellishly HOT. i'm not sure what time we got there, but we left at about 1015. my gawd it was HOT!!! for some reason, i was preparing for chilly weather...i guess because yesterday was so crappy. so i'm wearing blue jeans, socks, tennis shoes, i almost even wore a flannel...thank God i didn't! we weren't there for half an hour before i was havin a heat stroke, i was sweatin like a pig, my face was burnin hot, and sweat was just pouring down the backs of my legs. i was miserable. hubby was hot too, but he was dressed appropriately, and part of my problem is also that i take a lot of meds, and one of them, makes me a lot more sensitive to heat than i used to be. bad thing... i'm not sure which one it is !!!! ugh. but i was miserably hot... but not willing to leave until i got a fish! so. it wasn't long at all before i missed one. WTH!!! i wish i could figure out what the hell i am doing wrong over there to miss so many fish. i wouldn't care if they were perch or something... but these are like three and four pound bass i'm losing! and i just don't know what i'm doing wrong. UGH. so anyhow... maybe another half hour or so passes... i change my bait... maybe at least twice by now... cuz nuthing is working. we're thinking they are just hot and lazy too. they probably were, cuz hubby usually always catches fish, no matter where he is. but even he wasn't having any luck. but all the sudden i throw in under a tree... and there he was. he hit it as soon as it hit the water! (the fish, not hubby )
here ya go...sadly, the only fish of the day...but gladly...he was MINE !!!

photo moved to bass video

( i caught you a delicious bass)

so anyways... we lasted maybe, another half hour or so, and had to leave. it was just too freakin hot, and the fish weren't biting. so we left. i was already ready for a nap! or my funeral. i was sick! i thought i could puke. i need to not take meds before fishing on a hot day again. geesh!

so...we load up and go... and we were riding in hubbys truck this time... no A/C. figures. the hottest freakin day of the year! so there we are, dyin of heat exhaustion, just tryin to get home before i barf... and whaddaya think happens? yep you guessed it..maybe.... we got pulled over!!!! this is the someone watchin out for us part. ya see... hubby and heat don't go together very well either. he's just naturally heat sensitive...but it affects more his thinking than his physical being... so when we got in the truck to leave, i buckled up..and reminded him to as well. after that... i was just trying to get air, and didn't notice he didn't buckle, and he obviously forgot. so then... we come to a stop sign down the road.. oh first... i put the shoulder strap behind me cuz it was right on my neck and strangling me, but i was buckled... so anyhow... we get to the stop sign, and he's like which way do i turn.. i told him this streets that way, this street's this way... so, he turned ...the way that would be quicker to get home. he didn't signal! well, there was a cop...right there. he saw him not signal, and also saw him not buckled..and thought that i wasn't buckled because my strap was behind he pulls us over! and in so doing...finds that hubby has a NM drivers license...after living in tx for like almost a year...when ya only have thirty days to change it over! uh. even i thought he had a tx dl. so anyhow... hubby was able to slide his belt on without the cop seeing, and said he had his strap under his arm . phew. so.... the guy let us out of four tickets, that woulda really added up to a lot of money. even tho i was buckled and "apparently hubby was too :))... it's still a fine if the belt isn't worn properly".. so crap!thank God we got that truck insured and registered ! they woulda took it for we were like oh crap oh crap oh crap. i bet if he didn't have a clean driving record he woulda got a ticket...or four. see...good things happen to good people. i bet he won't forget to buckle up next time...or signal!!! and i guess i won't be wearing the shoulder strap behind me again either. and i suppose he better truck on over and get his tx dl. now that we know all he has to do is tell them he's had one before! ugh. memories.
ok... i think that is about it for now.
it's nap time for this little fishy.

Friday, June 8, 2007

are my fishy stories getting boring?

no one seems to have much to say today. (this is me pouting). is it the fish? sorry. it's what i do best. seein as i don't like to clean. or shop. or be around people. and lately, i'm not liking being inside all the time. so, i fish, therefore i AM.

ok, that's out of my system.
something wonderful happened, and somehow, in my fishing frenzy, i forgot to mention it...
hubby fixed our boat !!!!! yes he did !!! like two days ago. how could i not put that on here?
i don't really know what he did to it...but he did it well. KUDOS to the man.
we are hoping to take it on the lake tomorrow.... little test drive type thing. that boat hasn't been on the water (with the big engine running) in like two years. poor neglected, expensive boat. but, man, i tell ya, we're like a couple of kids around here. we were so worried about what it might cost to have our boat fixed by a boat mechanic. my gawd, they charge soooo much. hubby said he was thinking maybe up to a thousand dollars at times, due to the extensive troubleshooting, etc. then parts and labor. ugh. i just was getting to the point i figured it would sit parked for another season. but, yippee.

so anyhow... what else? not much i reckon. just checking in. i need to figure out what to do about dinner. then maybe i'll go to bed early or watch a movie.

oooh... is anybody watching the sopranos??? i expected a lot more out of this final season, but sunday is the finale. no tellin what's gonna happen. i'm looking forward to seeing it tho.

anyhow, i'm gone....

hiya peeps


here? not so much me. i'm primed and ready for yet another nap. that would be a nap a day... for a week straight ! i don't like that. but i guess that's just the way it is sometimes. so, oh well.
but... i did have a fairly good morning with my child. she was a bit crabby...but , that's not a big surprise. :)) she really has been improving lately though... since our big bad day, earlier in the week. so, i guess i can let her be crabby once in a while eh?
so anyhow...yes, i did go fishing after i took her to school. i wore a sea ray hat my sister gave me.. for luck ! seein as my "arkansas" hat didn't do a whole lot for me. and my bombardier hat didn't do much either. in fact... the best fish i got was without a hat at all ! but, i didn't want to end up in another frazzled hair day fish pic like i did yesterday, so that is why i chose the hat that i chose for todays excursion. well..... at first, i thought, damn... i'm gonna wear this hat EVERY time i fish ! know why? cuz on my first cast, i got a niiiice one. but..... the damn thing wasn't even hooked ! i have no idea how, or why he hung on all the way to the bank...almost. but i saw him let off, and swim away..with a big ole F-U splash, i might add. but, when i went to check my bait... the hook was still in the plastic worm ! the stupid fish must've had a panic attack and just held on for dear life...til he realized... hey... all i have to do is open my mouth, and i'm outta heah. so he did. so, phewy !
but anyhow... i didn't have much time to fish...less than half an hour, and nothing else happened by the time i had to go get the girl from school.... except some wind...cold wind too. yuk. and , a huge threat of rain. the sky looked pretty darn ominous, but no rain. just cold and wind. it woulda been ok if the sun was out. but it was pretty crappy. so anyhow...i had to leave. cussing myself for rigging my bait wrong. but oh well.. each mistake is a lesson learned, right?
soooo... i go get my girl... she shows me her weekly progress report for school. the kid has a 94% !!!! why the hell didn't she do that during the school year???? she also got a 90 on a pre-test that she took yesterday. i'm so proud of her. i know she has it in her...she just has to TRY. so, she was hungry, so i got her some breakfast...and i asked her to go fish with me, but she wouldn't. it was like pulling teeth. so i finally gave up. but y'all know me... i HAD to go get that fish! what if it was gramma !!! LOL
so... i go back. i fished for maybe two more hours. the weather pretty much sucked... it was windy, and i was cold, even my finger tips got numb. BUT... i didn't get rained on. so that much i appreciated. so , as for my catch of the day... i think i got "the middle child".... hmmm...what shall we name her? she wasn't as big as jr. , but she wasn't as small as "sissy" either. soooo, let's call her ummm "Nemo" ! ya. Nemo. who says nemo is a boys name? just cuz he was a boy on finding nemo... in real life it could be a unisex name, right? so... Nemo it is. but... i don't have a pic. it was too much hassle to bother with today. and everyone has seen enough tiny fish on here for one week...right/
anyhooo.... i did have another catch! a bettah one. smaller than hubbys last night i think. ya , pretty sure it was smaller...but it put up a good fight. and there was a couple little kids..well not little..maybe 11 ish...boys...perch fishing near me....they weren't as irritating as the teenagers last night. in fact i enjoyed watching these kids catch their perch. LOL. one of them was sooo small i laughed out loud. anyhow... i had one of them take the pic for me... since my self portraits really don't come out too well. she is. somebody else can name her, cuz i'm too tired.
i'll be back later on...but i don't think i'll be fishing again today. it's killing me. it's a slow, and enjoyable death... but it's painful and exhausting too. so i think i shall chill out. maybe i'll fish tomorrow.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thursday Part Three

well, this afternoon, after my second little fishing excursion, i was quite exhausted; so after i posted on here i took quite a long nap. i was dead on my feet. i didn't wake up til almost five o'clock ! that had to be three or four hours. phew. i needed it though. all that heat, and excitement, and standing, and casting and reeling, and .. did i say excitement...and heat? ugh. yup i was pretty well toast. so anyhow, i woke up and hubby still wasn't home from work, so i just hung out a little til he got home; then of course we were both starving so i cooked dinner. salmon...yum! so anyhow, while we ate, i told him my fishing stories, and he looked at my blog entries about them. i got the kudos for the day !
so, we finish eating, and i'm thinking oooh, i have a bath and a lazy night ahead of me... when he says... are you ready to go? i'm like, go where? he wanted to go after a big fish too !!!! so... we went !!! and here is how our trip went....

i took him right where i had been earlier. both of us just felt it in our bones that at least one of us was gonna get a good fish. so, we get all set up, throw out our lines, and on hubbys first or second cast, i look over and his rod tip is all bent down, he's reelin away... i'm like... ya got one? he says.. i think so, it feels like a nice one. so i stop and watch...waiting for "grampa" to come rollin up on the bank any second. but.... dum dum dum..... it wasn't grampa. in fact... it wasn't a bass... actually.... it wasn't a fish at all !

it was a freakin GIANT SNAPPIN turtle !! hubby tried to free him with the pliers, and that turtle was quick as a snake ! he almost got a finger or two ! after that, hubby didn't hesitate to cut the line and just hope he could work it out on his own. i have no doubt that thing coulda taken a finger right off !

so anyhow. he re-tied his line, and we got back to fishin. of course after shaking off a few nerves. so, there we are, fishin'... waitin for the big one. wondering which one's gonna get the bragging rights of the day! when of course three teenagers had to come and rain on our parade ! we had maybe twenty or thirty feet between us, and just where do you think these kids decided they would fish? yup... right between us. i know.. we don't own the creek... but c'mon. have some respect. besides.. right where they got.. was right where both big fish wer today !!! ugh. soooo we just let em be.... hubby moved a little down his way, i moved a little further down my way... and later we discovered we were thinking the same thing, as these kids caught their fish. you see, they were fishing with live worms, for perch, and doing a fine job i might add. the only thing was; the fish they were catching... were never bigger than maybe four to five inches long. to us... they are BAIT. but these kids were excited, and having a good time, and would tell each other "oooh good one" oooh nice one'... so when we left, and shared our opinions of them... i mocked them saying "ya, nice one...for your goldfish bowl!" but hey... there is a lot worse things that kids could be doing than disturbing some fishing, and getting excited over catching baitfish right? so , good for them.

so, anyhow.... i wasn't gettin much action. little nibbles here and there, more than likely perch. nothing to write home about. and the kids were getting on my nerves; so i walked a bit further down the way, and noticed some action happenin. a feeding frenzy perhaps? so i started throwin into it. and i was gettin hit after hit , but not catching any. so i called hubby down there. he was afraid to leave all our extra rods and tackle down there so i told him i would get it, just come over . so he did, and i showed him where i was missing all these fish. he throws in...and whack ! here's what he brought in....

it was a nice fish and bigger than it looks in the picture...but not as big as the one i got this morning... nanny nanny booby! but i was glad he caught a fish. i sure wasn't having any luck.

so anyhow, we continued to fish for quite some time, but the fish just weren't hittin anymore. but it's so hard to quit trying when you knw they're there. ya know? so we kept at it for a while. we didn't leave til 9 o'clock ! i didn't realize it was that late.. there was still a touch of sun left. but ; just before we left... the last fish of the day was MINE ! but, unfortunately, she really is nothing to brag about. she's just too cute NOT to put on here though. i swear the BAIT was almost as big as her. here i bring to you.... Jr's baby sister !
TA DA!!!
and good-night !

OH WAIT... we also saw.... muskrats ! or some such things. there were two of them. look...
ok...toodles folks, i'm outta heah

awww look at the booger

yes folks, unfortunately, jr. there is all i caught on my second trip to the pond today. BUT, the good news is; i was right! there are more big'uns in there. and i was also right when i said my name was on one of them. sad part about that? well, i'm not quite sure if it was me, or the fish. But, i had one on, and he was as big, or even bigger than the other one i got this morning. i don't think it was the same fish, because he bit different... this one took my line and carried it off, and also fought much harder. the first one, i actually thought was a hang up at first. anyhow... this second one... it was my first cast, and BAM! i went nuts. i could hear hubbys' voice in my head... "don't lower your rod tip!" check your drag"... "slow down"... OMG. i just got so nervous. i could tell this was a big fish. well, i don't know what happened. (because i did everything hubby told me to do..LOL) maybe my hook was too small, maybe i didn't set the hook good enough, maybe i had too much slack in my line...who knows?... but i saw him....and he was big, and RIGHT AT THE BANK ! UGH! but somehow, he got off. and off he swam. i bet i looked like one of those guys on the fishin shows when they lose their 500,000.00 fish. i grabbed my head, i stomped my feet, i grunted and groaned... i did everything but cry. oh well. the good part? i know there's two of those bad boys in there waiting for me tomorrow. WOO HOO!!! and i know right where to go.
speakin of which.... i cannot believe that tomorrow is already friday. did the week go as fast for everyone else? or was it just cuz mine started off so rough, and i slept half of it away?
ok... i'm gone, my back is killing me !!!

LOOK what i CAUGHT : no not a disease!

I am soooo excited!!! i went to A pond today after i dropped the girl at school. it was one i have been to , but not in several years. so anyhow, i thought i would give it a shot! i tell ya, i was happy as hell to catch this fish, but it really sucked that hubby wasn't there to see it. he is always rooting for me, hoping i will get a nice fish. so far, since we've been back in texas and fishing again, i haven't got a really nice one... not over a pound or two. THIS one... easily three plus !!! man, it woulda been great to catch in a tournament!
but anyhow...i was obviously alone, and had to attempt to take the pics of myself... i don't do that very well...but i HAD to! i was not prepared for a photo session... my hair is a mess, the wind was blowing... i should have at least worn a hat! but just LOOK at THAT BASS ! i'm just giddy ! unfortunately, it was the only one i caught this morning...but i only had half an hour to fish... so really a fish like that in that amount of time... not too shabby eh?
well, i must clean my kitchen and run my errands etc etc etc... and i just might go give that pond/creek another shot later on! where there's one like that, there MUST be more. and i tell ya , MY name is on one of them! i'll be back

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

If I Drank...I'd be Crackin a Beer Right NOW

yes i would... what a morning already. this summer school shit is for the birds. this is only day two...and i'm nearing suicide !!!! or perhaps child abuse at minimum. my GAWD. i understand what a bummer it must be to be 13, and have to go thru this.... but why in the hell make it shit for EVERYBODY??? if this kid of mine would ride a bike, you could be damn sure, that's how she would be gettin her ass to school !!! why do i put myself through this???? i was younger than ten, setting my own bed time, my own alarm clock, getting myself out of bed, and to school... and home too !!! MY kid??? she has a clock...she knows how to set it...she just doesn't. why...cuz she knows i will make sure she gets up. BUT... i wake her up... and she doesn't get up... i get "i am" "i will" I'm up"... and in a not kind tone either. and it goes on for half an hour before her feet hit the floor. then i end up having to rush her, and remin d her of the time as she primps, and lally gags... and does whatever it is that she does. almost always making herself late. also, almost always starting our days in a argument.
well... this time around... with summer school... and she KNOWS this... tardies count as absences ... a kid can be absent TWO times during the entire term !!! sooo, she can be late... or absent , only TWICE.... or she will FAIL the entire seventh grade. over ONE class. ONE class and two hundred dollars !!!
YET.... she still wants to drag her ass, and fight with me in the morning. all i am doing is trying to get her to school. no one cared if or when i went when i was a kid. shit... my siblings barely even DID go !!! it's a miracle that I somehow managed to get myself motivated enough to go. not that i graduated... but that wasn't was cuz we moved too damn much.
but anyhow. this morning was pure hell getting her, and to school. and was she late? YES. why was she late? NOT because i didn't get her up. NOT because i didn't remind her of the time, or tell her to hurry, or tell her a tardy is an absence and she would fail the 7th grade etc etc. nope. she just dragged her feet, and fought with me.
i am soooo pissed. i just can't put it into words. i am more pissed at the freakin laws they have about dicipline right now more than anything i think. i would never beat my kid. or abuse her. but damn if a good ass whippin now and then wouldn't have given her a whole different attitude at this stage in life. now, because i was afraid of CPS getting involved if i "spanked" her... UGH... we tried the time out, and the talks, and all the bullshit child psychology shit.... SO guess what? ya know who gets abused this past 15 years?? instead of the kids.... it's THEY who freakin abuse the parents!!! y'all just don't know how close i come to slappin that child. but nooooo. i've never laid a hand on her, never called her a bad name, nuthin. see where it got me???
my advice to any new parent out there... it's even in the BIBLE!!!! why doesn't someone show THAT to CPS>????
"spare the rod, spoil the child"
and once you get passed about 8 or ten years old with them.... it's too damn late! they know EXACTLY which buttons to push. they know exactly how far they can go with you. YOU become the victim...not the parent. and what can ya do? by then you're ready to let out ten years of pissed off rage because you feel like you failed as a parent... when actually, you probably did a damn fine job. you haven't hit them, or abused them, or ridiculed them.
but turn it around... and you've created a manipulative, controlling, soon to be young adult, who has been coddled and protected all their life. and you worry, "how will they function on their own? if at all?" and YOU are the one who gets shit on.
THANKS CPS. i hope your kids beat you up when they turn 15!!!

ugh. the age of pampering. time out my ass. i'm the one who needs a time out. forever!

well... there, now that i've had my rant for the day... i have like ten entire minutes before i get to go pick the little angel up from school. 200 dollars for 50 minutes a freakin day! it's a bunch of crap. all i can say, if this shit happens again...she is gonna be cleaning out gutters, and picking up dog poop for the entire summer!

oh...but before i leave you...this time...i will say... on the way to school this morning... she actually DID say "I'm sorry". and for once, it sounded sincere. it's rare that her apologies don't sound sarcastic.
i do get pissed at her...but y'all know i love her with all i am. and all i will ever be. she tries. ugh. i just wish i could go back and do things differently. this respect thing. and problem with authority. i just pray she will see that it is getting her NOWHERE.

well... i gotta go.
i shall return. hopefully in a better mood

Monday, June 4, 2007

just another mangey monday

man , it's monday fo - sho !!! and a mangey one at that. this day has sucked from the moment i opened my eyes this morning!!! i want to go into detail, and complain, and whine, and have y'all feel sorry for me, and post pity comment after pity comment. but - i won't. just know, that i feel like utter hell right now. hungry, angry, lonely and tired. not to mention anxious, and bitchy. yep, that about sums it up. all that and more, and that, my friends , plus even more, equals soulmange. and, soulmange, on a monday.. equals ... a mangey monday.

sooo... what will i do about it? hmmm... nap perhaps? clean perhaps? i do not know. but my daughter has taken over my bedroom! "because it has a cable box in it". for like tha past three days. bullshit. that is MY cave. i'm fixin ta go toss her out on her ear too. because at this moment, i need to be A-L-O-N-E... in P-E-A-C-E.
goodbye, for now.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

i have groceries!

yes, believe it or not, that last post did actually motivate me to go to the store! i think it was just that it was fun.... not really the cleaning fairy. the post..not the shopping.
anyhow... hubby went with... thank God! we ended up with two carts this time! i told ya we were out of EVERYTHING . MY GAWD ! i coulda had a stroke at the checkout. the bill was like two hundred and thirty bucks ! *GASP*
i can't remember a time that we spent that much on groceries. mind you, this includes animal food, litter, cleaning, and bathing products, etc etc... but still..... it always does, yet rarely gets over two hundred. i will admit that i am extremely grateful that this will not send me running to the pawnshop tomorrow to cover a check, or force me to sell something. i mean.. thank God, THAT ship has sailed ! it's just that the play money is nowhere to be seen now. again. such as boat fixin money. well... that's probably all i wanted to do. but of course the child has a list as long as my arm of things she desires. well... she can keepa wantin. cuz she ainta gittin ! she just oughtta be glad she's eatin !
so anyhow... i just checked the cleaning fairy pictures... guess what ladies... there are FIVE of them (not four). but, unfortunately not any of him cooking. that is what i was looking for, because that is next on my evening agenda. i thought perhaps mystery man could motivate me again. well.... i did come across THIS one..... close enough for me. how bout YOU???

anyhow, perhaps i will be back later.
if not, i will see you 2morrow. just remember.... there are 2 more pictures of the cleaning fairy that just may be revealed the next time my blogging mood strikes !
C-YA :))

i think there's a nap in my near future

ya. a nap. sounds good to me. the bad thing is, hubby and daughter both are, and have been, for the last hour, asking me when we're going to the grocery store! i just don't want to go!!!

(insert subliminal message here)

well, THAT just rendered me speechless! perhaps i will go to the grocery store afterall. suddenly, i have an odd, unfamiliar, burst of energy! LOL

it's freakin storming again!

a thunderstorm ! with wind, and black skies, and thunder, and lightning. oh... not to mention the damn RAIN. it's a darn good thing i didn't shampoo my carpets yesterday. i did vacuum them, and put some of that animal fresh smell powder stuff down...made a huge difference in the look and smell of the whole fact that was the FIRST thing hubby noticed when he walked in yesterday, was the floor, and the nice smell. BUT... today.... guess what... DOG MUD for sure. why can't dogs just use the toilet??? wouldn't that be grand? my carpets... or should i say... my land lords carpets would look so much better. i'm gonna end up losing my deposit on this house if this rain continues like this. between the dogs, pet vomit...the min pin's "accidents" on the floor... and my childs carelessness with food and drinks.... UGH. don't get me started. actually, i'm finished. the carpet is trashed. bad thing.. it needed replaced when we moved IN. but now, it's just ruined. can i scream now?

ok. i'll move on. i wish the cleaning dude was here to bring me more coffee...but looks like i will have to do that myself... i shall be right back....
alright...i have returned.... ya know, it is funny to me that just that picture of that floor scrubber.. the cleaning fairy... i know... cleaning dude sounds more masculine... but cleaning fairy, just seems more fitting. we all know what i mean right? anyhow... it's funny to me that a picture... or shorter posts.... not only on my blog...but just about everyone elses too... evoke more responses than the longer ones. has anyone noticed that? i could write on here for an hour and not get ONE comment... but i put up a pic or say three sentances... and get ten comments on it. very strange. but... sometimes, i just cannot shut up. so, as much as i like to hear from y'all... i guess i will continue to post whatever comes to mind at the time. and you can comment.. or not. but you know... i prefer that you DO.

alright, anyhow. where was i. oh ya. i was preparing for my rant of the day. you didn't know that did you? well, yep... surely you knew it would come sooner or later!
i really have to stop procrastinating. due to the fact that i didn't go grocery shopping yesterday... that means that i really have to do it today... and it is raining... storming, actually. how sucky can it get. plus i have to replace my windshield wipers. which... i had planned on waiting til i got my car inspected for the registration... but, apparently, texas is pissed off or something, because it seems to be raining every single freakin day lately. sooo i have to get wipers on, and would rather have hubby do it on a day off, than have him do it all grouchy after work one day. soooo.
AND... remember how i said i wanted to go fishing today? well.... ya can't fish in the lightening! that's as stupid as golfing in the lightning. NO i do not golf! i mini golf.. but i see NO snese in golfing...walking for miles, trying to put a tiny ball in a tiny hole a football field away...shit , i can't see ten feet in front of am i supposed to freakin GOLF????
ok... so anyhow... nope. no fishin.
and to be perfectly honest.... i more than likely... will NOT grocery shop either. or get my wipers. or even leave the house at all today...for anything!!! i just do not want to deal with the idiot texas drivers in the rain. i swear.... if it sprinkles a little , these people drive like they are in a hurricane!!!! i will never understand it !!!! don't get me wrong... i love texas. that's why we moved back here after only a year in hell... i mean new mexico. LOL. really i do like it here... we all do. i like the weather.. for the most part.. i love the fishing... when i'm able to fish... the people are fairly nice... except at wallly hell...good lord...they become assholes as soon as they walk through the door there...runnning over your heels with their cart, and not sayin a word! that makes me so mad. ok... ya. so.
i have no idea what... if anything... i will do, or not do today. as usual, i do KNOW what i should, and need to do. the question of the day... WILL I DO ANY OF IT????
so... let's choose a "word of the day" shall we?
"can't have nuthin"
yes, i know, it's a phrase... but suitable for the mood i'm in.

so... y'all have good days...and hopefully y'alls plans will pan out today! cuz at this point, it doesn't look like mine will. unless the weather changes...and here in texas, sometimes that can happen in a few minutes. it's kinda like florida here. or new mexico. it can be raining on one side of the street and dry on the other. so...i shall check in latah


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hubby Tourney update

He won... did you expect less? he got the big fish of the day too...which actually, and also sadly, brought no money. But he got the kudos. he and his partner fished against two other teams, and they won against one and lost against one, by only a couple pounds... the couple pounds was the "one that got away"... hubby lost it, literally on his last cast of the day ! he lost him right at the boat. the one that woulda won the second team for them. but anyhow. here is a pic. he had a great time, but came home exhausted. he was so fired up about this whole tournament thing, that he stayed up talking all night with the other guys. when he got home he crashed out on the couch and fell asleep , just as i was telling him about the concert last night. God i feel so exciting. he was snoring in literally less than three minutes! but oh well.. he can read about it. hopefully he won't notice the cleaning fairy !

(the dude on your left is mine... nice fish eh?)

in other news.....i never made it to the grocery store today. i cleaned my house. and did a damn fine job i might add, i also took a quite lengthy nap. then i managed to make a delectable dining experience for all. how i do that with no food amazes me. but , i did have some frozen chicken breasts, and some frozen asparagus mix stuff with squash and cauliflower, and snap peas, and i had some tortellini (which i barely EVER make because it is so hard to get right...i usually don't cook it long enough)... and i had , amazingly enough, some alfredo a jar. so... i boiled my frozen chicken..because i forgot to thaw it... while that was boiling, i boiled the tortellini...for twice as long as the directions said to!... it turned out perfecto! i also nuked the frozen vegies for a couple minutes... then , i cut up the almost done chicken, and stir fried it the rest of the way, added the veggies, some spices etc... cooked that for a while... let the torts go for a while... when all was complete... i drained what needed to be drained, combined what needed to be combined, stirred, tossed, salted, and served. and i will be damned, if it was not THE BEST tortellini dish i have ever cooked in my entire life ! and i thought we would end up going out tonight. HA. how do i do it????
ok.. well, that's about it. tomorrow i really do have to go to the grocery store. i also need to make sure i know where to take the kid to go to summer school. she starts that on Monday. we thought she failed two classes, but found out that she only failed math... so she only has to take one class. math, of course. so, in a way, that's cool... but in a way... i'm pissed. 200.00 for one hour a day, for three weeks..... it may be good for her.. i really do hope she learns something, and gets the hang of whatever it is she isn't "getting"..... but for me... ugh. no bus service... which i had threatened her with.. as a sort of motivational tool. ya right. but i have to go out and take her to and from school... for one hour a day. blah.
ok. i am done for the day.
i hope y'all are having a good weekend.
tomorrow i hope i will find some time to fish at the pond, but i don't know if i will or not.
i really want to get on the lake...but the boat is still broken. still not sure what the problem is... but everything we seem to come across that could be it... looks like a very expensive deal. even if hubby fixes it... a fuel pump alone.. if that is the problem... could cost like 400.00 ! for a fuel pump !!!! then, it could be the computer. ACK. hundreds !!!! who knows???? i don't even wanna think about it right now
night all

concert part two / Do The Chickens Have Large Talons

listen to great Napoleon Dynamite quotes here:

(CRAP! i just went to the link that i had right here...and i don't know if any of you went there...i hope NOT, cuz i just went, so i could hear ND say "i caught you a delicious bass".. BUT when i got there... it was nekkid women and stuff!... so, i obviously deleted the link! google your own ND quotes, and the end result will be on you! LOL)

anyhow... back to last evenings events, etc .....

again, the concert was very good. i had a great time. the weather held out even...until on the way home. and even that wasn't bad until after we got home. so that was even better.
and like i said before... i had forgot, but remembered, the hard way... WHY i DO NOT drive at night anymore ! i guess the excitement of actually doing something grown up, and for ME, got in the way of the reality of the fact.. THAT my night vision is just not what it once was. (how could i forget THAT?) by the time i remembered... it was too late...i was on the highway, blind, and had missed my exit. i was afraid to turn around to go back for it..because there's like four different highways right there... i may have ended up in freakin arkansas if i turned back!!! so... i just stayed where i was. i knew it would get me home... but i had that constant "i'm going the wrong way" feeling" for a looong time. i HATE that! i think it's that feeling that makes the whole driving thing worse than the getting lost part. but like y'all know..we did get home. and... everything was fine.
it was pretty weird to come home and NOT have hubby here. it's usually he who goes to the concerts with the girl, and I stay home, etc... but he stayed at his friends last night, so when we got home.. it was just the animals waiting for us. it has been quite a long time since he has been gone for even one night. it just felt weird. ( so, i had my girl sleep with me!) LOL.

ok... anyhow. after we had been there for a while, chris I. had been playing for a while... my girl says all grouchy... there is NO ONE under 30 years old here!!!! so... i started looking around. now, we were on a shower curtain on this huge lawn right...(i brought a little folding stadium seat thing for back support.... so anyhow, i look all around... and i tell her, i bet ya i can find people under TWENTY! so i start to notice... oh crap... it really is a bunch of "old people". hah. so i look harder... and i start to notice some kids... and i point them out to her... i say "under twenty!"... she says... he's like FIVE, that doesn't count!" LOL... so i look some more... under twenty! MOM, she's like 8! she HAD to come!!! hmmmmmmm. okaaaaayyyy.... then i notice a group of three "hippies" not far from us.... maybe in their late teens early twenties.... i say... under thirty!!!! she says... "hmmmmmmmmmmm". but not in a good way. just a sarcastic , oh great kinda way. LOL. so we sorta went back and forth with that for a while... but really... the majority of the audience really was over thirty!... or under ten! poor kid.
then later... she's like "what's "that smell"????? hmmmm.... well, uhhhh. "POT." yep. she got her first close encounter with pot smokers.... in a crowd of people that are supposed to be the ones that tell her NOT to do such things!!!! she also, mentioned the fact that the overpowering smell of alcohol was going to make her puke! and she was right. we were a large area... and it really did smell bad of beer. (when someone doesn't drink, that smell is twice as strong...kinda like a non-smoker with a's just nauseating sometimes).
so... movin on... j lee showed up ... and oddly enough, ended up sitting about ten feet from us! i wasn't sure that it was her...cuz it was dark, and i had only seen her in person one time that day... but, i saw the light on her phone, and soon i got a text message. i called her back... but i think either she couldn't hear when she got it, or she missed it, cuz she didn't i threw a empty water bottle at her! not hard!!! she looked over, and saw me. it was funny, that she unknowingly sat right there, with her peeps. so me and the kid moved over and sat with them for the rest of the time we were there. it was kinda loud, and hard to really talk much, but good to have some adult conversation of sorts...since my child was being a grouch. she was soooo ready to leave. but really.. she did good. she allowed me to enjoy myself...most of the time.

anyhow. it was a good time. and oldy mentioned that i probably wouldn't like ANY concert. because of my physical stuff...anxiety/headaches... bitchiness etc! but, she was only half right. i did like it. and in November, i took hubby to see Pat Green in concert. we both have loved him for years. he does country, and i thought it would be a mellow, older crowd, and would be cool etc. well, man. that concert was sooooo loud, i could barely stand it! i had to go outside several times to smoke, because i had such a bad migraine. he put on a great show, and we liked it. but it was just too loud. it was as loud or louder than most of the screamin emo concerts i've gone to with my girl. but the stevie concert last night, it was really just nice. kinda hippie-fied. layin back on the grass under the night sky.... watching a bunch of "old people" actin all funky. it was funny. it was fun. i'm glad we went. i'm glad we were able to go. i coulda done without the night blindness, and long way home etc... but all in all.... great time!!!!

now... it's back to reality.... it's grocery day. ugh. i do not wanna...but we are once again down to nuthin! i hate it when that happens!

oh that just reminded me..... check out this pic... i need to find this person.... to do my cleaning and shopping for me... if you know where i can find this person.... let me know... i will pay well! LOL

have a good day y'all!!!
mo latah, perhaps.

i caught you a delicious bass

i have no idea why all these Napoleon Dynamite phrases keep coming to me lately. but i just felt like writing that one.

the child and i arrived home a while ago from the concert. maybe a half hour or so. ya, about 12 ish. it was so cool. it was Chris Isaak opening for Stevie Nicks. something must have gone wrong to delay stevies' show, because chris I played for well over two freakin hours...but he wasn't bad. i actually enjoyed most of it. and i am not really familiar with his music. but i liked it. of course my daughter despised it...all of it...him and stevie. she did really well for a long time...but i could tell she was miserable...and she of course did complain. but i could tell, she was really trying not to. i appreciated that.

i also appreciated the tickets! i met "Jlee" today , and she gave me the tickets. we talked for a little while. she is sooo nice. (and i'm not just saying that cuz she'll read it. she really is).

so then, i did manage to find my way TO Dallas..the first time without getting lost...which was a miracle. BUT, the bad thing was...i was too early, so i drove around...downtown dallas...hell ya, i got lost!... but i found where i was going...and then i found my way home without a problem. but that was the first pick up the tix. THEN came the REAL test. well... on the way the concert , it wasn't bad. i had directions, and it was almost right where i had already gone earlier, just a little bit further. so we got there ok. BUT....when we left.... i realized... I CAN"T SEE AT NIGHT! OMG! first, i couldn't find the car in the parking lot.... the kid said press the button on the i pressed the panic button!... she called me retarded. she meant the one to make the lights go on... not the one that would make everyone look at us!!!! but worked, and i wouldn't have thought of it. i'd probably still be out there looking for the damn car. ok... so, we obviously, found he car... btw....we left a bit before the show was over cuz hubby called and said we were gonna hit a bad storm on the way, i didn't want to end up road ragin with someone. you know me and traffic jams don't mix well. so we get rollin on down the road. and it's pretty smooth sailin...for a while...until...dum dum dum.... i realize something... i cannot see shit!!! my head hurt...not real bad, just achey, but irritating, and i couldn't freakin see. my eyes hurt and they were all blurry. and it was dark, and started sprinkling a little, and my windshield wipers suck, so that only made it worse....which in turn...YEP you guessed it...caused me to miss my turn on the highway...and i got lost. well...not technically lost lost. i just had to take the long way home. and it sucked. because it had been so long since i went that way. and i couldn't see five feet in front of me. it just sucked.
then the rain got worse...not terrible, just enough to blind me even more, due to my shitty wipers!!! and then the lightening started. it was not fun. oh but the girl enjoyed it...she SLEPT almost all the way home. oh to be young again.
so anyhow....we finally got home. i swear we ended up going thirty miles out of the way because of my night blindness. terrific. note to self...get your damn glasses!
soooo. we got home. still not a lot of rain...we got lucky. but soon as we let the dogs out and back in...the sky opened up! it's comin down pretty good still. i shouldn't even be on here, cuz of the lightening. (funny...soon as i hit that period...a big ole crash of thunder ...with of course a big flash of lightning hit...scary. i better get offa heah, and finish up tomorrow.
until then...
thanks again jlee!!! it was great to meet you, and so nice for the tickets. and really the kid enjoyed the show more than she wants to admit! she can't not smile when she says how "bad" it was. she had a good time. we don't really do a whole lot a lone together. so thanks!
ok, i gotta get off here before i get zapped.
latah peeples